Orsi, 41, Toronto

At the very first time when I heard Vera talking about the methods she uses I got deeply touched. I felt inside that she deep knowledge, and she can share it with love and humbleness. I could fully understand that the methods she uses is connected and they are most effective together.

I had been having serious backpain when I met Vera, and she instantly offered her help to heal it with Tibetan Reiki (Prananadi) treatments. I have taken some basic treatments so far, and in a couple of days my pain almost fully vanished. It's obvious to me that every physical symptom has a deeper cause, and total healing is only possible by curing to cause. Experiencing the knowledge Vera has I'm resolute to go for both treatments and reincarnational journeys.

Before we met I hadn't heard about the Palm Leaves, but I instantly got moved by it. I expected help, guidance from it in this period of my life. The reading of my Palm Leaf was a wonderful experience. I felt it was written really about me, to me, even if they told me such good things about my future that for me is still hard to believe. I found useful the advices I got about my financial status, my health and other areas of my life. I am really happy to have my Palm Leaf read, since I got everything from it I really needed. I'm sure I'll listen to the recording many times in the future, and I'll always find in it what I'll need in the particular situation.

Vera, thank you for your help, your understanding and the loveful treatments!


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