Hajni, 26, Budapest

Hajni-FeedbackI encountered the Prananadi treatments and the reincarnational journeys about two years ago. I hadn't heard about these methods before, I didn't know what to expect, but I was curious. I had emotional problems, but I rather tried to ignore them and lived an extroverted life. Then I made an appointment with Vera. Even the first journey was really interesting and didn't think I would have such an experience. My parents got divorced and I was living with my mother. There were a lot of problems in our relationship and I didn't know why they were there. The journey helped me understand it. By the first journey I saw that the past life was reflecting my present life, and my problems started to make sense!

After giving birth, my mother became depressed and it still takes over her regularly. At these times she can't take care of herself, and requires constant attention and caring. She is really closed, scared of new things and people – she's like the prisoner of her own world.

I could hardly handle this situation. I felt it a heavy burden that she was the parent, I'm the child, and she should have been taking care of me--not to other way around. At my very first journey, I was in a past life where it was the same situation, but I was the one with disabilities, and she had to look after me in her whole life! It helped me to realize that this is why I'm afraid to be alone, why I feel myself incapable many times, why I'm idle so often. I realized that I can't live my life waiting for her to change and that I also have to take responsibility for my life and start living it. In the past life I saw that I could have lived on my own, but it was much more comfortable to recline upon her. Since the journeys I can understand her and our relationship much better!

I still regularly go to reincarnational journeys and treatments because these methods help me a lot to know myself at a deeper level, and also to not to carry on with false mental and emotional structures. By seeing the root of my problems, the problems started to dissolve step-by-step and they stopped being problems any more! Thank you Vera!


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