The truth behind the Indian Palm Leaf Manuscripts

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The Indian Palm Leafs are ancient Manuscripts that were written thousands of years ago by sages; so- called Maharishis to people living today.  As unbelievable as it may seem, they actually contain specific information of our past, present and future, our names, names of close relatives and partners, names of secret lovers and even our thoughts and plans. They were written to provide helpful guidance in every field of life and to help experience our life on a much healthier and happier level than we normally would. 

I first heard about the Palm Leafs about five years ago. I found the idea of their existence very interesting, but to be honest; at first I was quite sceptical. –I mean who wouldn’t be!? - Until that time my mindset and my beliefs were based on facts and “Universal laws” that I have been taught throughout my life. The fact of ancient manuscripts that contain guidance and the future lives of specific people wasn’t something I could easily wrap my head around.
I started doing research and I watched a lot of Palm Leaf readings, I talked to people who had their Palm Leafs read and I digged as deep as I possibly could until I got a better insight and a deeper understanding of their true nature.  By that time I was amused by their existence and after experiencing the genuine truth within them I finally decided to get my own personal Palm Leaf read.

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