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Astrological prediction for June, 2014

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  • June 14, 2014

One of the longest and most dominant effects during this month was already established between April 10th and will be going on until June 28th. It will give us a slight obstruction in terms of Relationship, sexuality and the comfort of our lives. It can create a bumpy evolution for newly-started Relationships, and those already existing need to focus on stuck energies from the past that are needed in the present in order to live it to its fullest -- in the here and now. In general, we will try and try with things in our lives but the result or the sense of fulfillment may be delayed.
As I was compiling the planetary effects of June, I kept feeling as if it was a bonus-level of a computer game. It just doesn't fit into the normal flow of the game but is still connected to it somehow. As we go through it, we will gain a lot of experience that we will be able to utilize from July onwards. Life will trick us: our desires will be fullfilled during June. We get what we've been longing for since last November-December. Freedom, parties, enjoyment, and we get more than enough so that we will have a surplus of it. Be alert! You will be tricked! Still, our hunger is bigger now than our cautiousness, and we will leap into these joys. Likewise, Life will reach its goal: we get disenchanted with extremities. Full-closedness or introversion vs. full extroversion. Spirituality vs. Materialism. Together or Alone. Me or Us. We have been craving for things and when we get them we realize what they truly mean to us. For example, we want a love partner but subconsciously we are also trying to avoid it. But now that we've gotten one, we have to be "on top" in the relationship. Or we may have been wanting to move out of our family home, living with our parents, and now that we are finally able to do so, we have to take on a lot of responsibility like paying the rent or lease of this new place and really make an effort to establish our home for ourselves on our own.

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