The truth behind the Indian Palm Leaf Manuscripts

The Indian Palm Leafs are ancient Manuscripts that were written thousands of years ago by sages; so- called Maharishis to people living today.  As unbelievable as it may seem, they actually contain specific information of our past, present and future, our names, names of close relatives and partners, names of secret lovers and even our thoughts and plans. They were written to provide helpful guidance in every field of life and to help experience our life on a much healthier and happier level than we normally would. 

I first heard about the Palm Leafs about five years ago. I found the idea of their existence very interesting, but to be honest; at first I was quite sceptical. –I mean who wouldn’t be!? - Until that time my mindset and my beliefs were based on facts and “Universal laws” that I have been taught throughout my life. The fact of ancient manuscripts that contain guidance and the future lives of specific people wasn’t something I could easily wrap my head around.
I started doing research and I watched a lot of Palm Leaf readings, I talked to people who had their Palm Leafs read and I digged as deep as I possibly could until I got a better insight and a deeper understanding of their true nature.  By that time I was amused by their existence and after experiencing the genuine truth within them I finally decided to get my own personal Palm Leaf read.

To start the search of someone’s Palm Leaf the right hand thumbprint is needed for men and the left hand thumbprint for women. After the Palm Leaf Reader gets the thumbprint he determines its type. Although everyone’s thumbprint is unique, they can be categorized into 108 different types and the Palm Leafs are stored according to these types. The Reader goes to the “Palm Leaf library” in India where he asks for Palm Leaf bundles based on the received thumbprint’s type. The person who works in the Library goes to the section where they store the Palm Leaf bundles for the given type of thumbprint and intuitively chooses two or three bundles in a meditative state which have the highest possibility of containing the Palm Leaf they are searching for.

Every Palm Leaf Bundle contains about 50-60 Palm Leafs and each Palm Leaf belongs to different people around the world.
Every Leaf has a “matching chapter” which helps find who the Leaf belongs to, who it was written for. Each reading starts with a “matching process” in order to find the one specific Palm Leaf which belongs to the person searching for it.
The matching chapters have about 10-15 facts and the person searching for his/her Leaf only needs to say “Yes” if the fact is true or “No” if it’s not true. If the answer is “No” to a fact, the Reader puts that Leaf aside and goes to the next one, until they find the Leaf with only correct facts on it. The matching process is successfully accomplished when they find the Palm Leaf with only true facts on it, in this case, the person’s Palm Leaf is found. 
The Palm Leafs were written in ancient Tamil language with the use of symbols that have much more meaning than letters do, therefore it’s very important to work with a professional Reader who can interpret the pure and full meaning of each symbol in a way that it was originally written by the Maharishis. Finding an authentic Reader who can do this is a challenging task. –but I’ll get to that later.

In my matching’s process my Palm Leaf wrote about plans I have (even ones that I never mentioned to anyone), it contained the name of my parents, my partner, when I was born, that I “wasn’t born alone” –I have a twin sister, the field I work in and other specific facts. The matching was very accurate and as they started to read the facts from my Leaf I immediately had a gut feeling, I knew that we found my Leaf.

There are three possibilities that can happen as a result of the matching:
1) We find the Palm Leaf and can do the reading right away. The Palm Leaf Reader will usually need about ten to fifteen minutes to translate the Manuscript written for us and after he’s finished, he will start the Reading.   
2) We find the Palm Leaf but we’re not able to do the Reading yet because when the Maharishi wrote the Leaf 2000 years ago he saw that the person he was writing it for will have some kind of karma that will keep him/her from getting to know the help and guidance the Palm Leaf contains. In this case the Maharishi wrote a “pooja” after the matching chapter which is a simple remedy or exercise that helps clean the karma. This needs to be done before we can proceed to the reading.   
3) We don’t find the Palm Leaf in the bundles the Palm Leaf Reader got for us. In this case the search continues with new bundles during the next matching.
There is no reason to worry, if the Leaf isn’t found or there is a pooja, because everything happens for a reason. The Palm Leafs were written from the time we are meant to find them and the matching contains information according to our present situations. People find the Palm Leafs written for them at the exact time when they need to be found. Those who have an interest or feel an intuitive urge to find their own Leaf usually do find it when they start their search.

I have experienced this in many actual cases: There was a women who lived separately from her husband for ten years, but wasn’t divorced at the time of the first matching. We didn’t find her Leaf and had to book a second matching for a week later. A few hours before the second matching she got divorced and when we found her Palm Leaf it actually wrote that she is now legally divorced and separated from her husband.
There was also a case with another women who started the search of her Palm Leaf with us on a Friday and we booked her Palm Leaf Matching appointment for the following Monday. In her first matching we found her Palm Leaf and it wrote that she is in a serious relationship with a man called “Benjamin” but she also has a secret lover named “Jason” (of course the real names where different  J ). She told us afterwards that the most surprising for her was that she only met “Jason” Saturday night –a day after starting the search for her Leaf.
There are many interesting stories I could go on with, but the point is you always find your Palm Leaf when it’s time for it to be found, and 98-99% of the time that’s when people start to search for theirs.

The Manuscripts talks about our present period; what problems we’re facing and why, how we can solve them in the most effective way and what we can do to achieve a better life. It also writes about our future; what we can expect and when, what we can do to avoid problems and bad experiences.

My first Palm Leaf Reading was surprising and powerful, it helped me in many ways and it still does.
It gave me a different aspect of my life and I understood why things happened and what I can do to prevent negative effects in my present and future.

The Palm Leaf’s true purpose is to give guidance and help to the person it was written for and not to tell them everything about their future. Though Indian Palm Leaf Manuscripts may be one of the most accurate methods for predicting the future, the Maharishis wrote them to provide guidance and not as “life script” to tell us exactly when, what and how we will and should do.
The truth is that we write our future with the decisions we make along the way and the effort we put into it. The prediction from our Palm Leaf is a possibility of our future on a higher level with every help we would need to achieve that. But we will still need to put our own effort into our life and with the solutions and help we get we can make the best of it.

In order to get an authentic and good reading of your Indian Palm Leaf Manuscript there is 3+1 rules you should keep in mind:

1)  It’s very important to find a real, genuine Palm Leaf Reader who will find and read your Palm Leaf. This is very hard to find, because unfortunately there are a lot of frauds out there. I know this for a fact; I’ve done readings with over 20 different Palm Leaf Readers in the past and I have seen very good and very bad ones. It took me a long time to find authentic and professional Palm Leaf Readers I trust and work with ever since.

2) The Palm Leaf Matching and Reading should be in a calm and quiet place and its best if you can avoid anything that could disturb the process. It also helps if you light a candle, meditate, relax and take a few deep breaths before the process.

3) Listen carefully to your Palm Leaf Reading and if you have any questions its best to wait with them until the end.
After the successful Matching process, write a list of all the questions you would like an answer to (about yourselves and your life). Go through your list after the end of the Reading to check if there are any unanswered questions and so, you can ask the Reader. This way you won’t disturb the process and the Reader.

+1) The remedies and guidelines are an essential part of the Palm Leaf and it is very important that the Reader or Translator fully explains the “poojas” (remedies) after the Reading and provides all the help you need to understand them. Without this the Palm Leaf Reading isn’t complete.


If you would like to start the search of your Indian Palm Leaf Manuscript or have any further questions, you can contact us from anywhere in the world: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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