Astrological prediction for February, 2014

The month of February will be a time of transition. From the middle of December we saw some energies make us turn inside, organize our things, and focus within. These energies 'pushed' our hidden and blocked energies from our subconscious to the external world, thus we have been experiencing a mixed state in our relationships since the beginning of January.
Since then, we have been feeling tense in every emotional aspect, and we see ourselves only experiencing the events, seemingly with no control. These patterns can be present during the first two weeks of February. Still, we will see this process calm down. So, try to carry on and remain in good spirits because soon everything will be fine again.

After that, from the middle of February, there will be a period of healing and redemption. The energy of the planets from December until the beginning of March has been preparing the stage for something truly grand. Namely, planet Mars will start going retrograde in Libra, and at last Jupiter starts proceeding in Cancer. It will be incredibly exciting, and what we see in our lives is in preparation for that. Sometimes it accompanies losses and hurts, but it is not going to be in vain!

In the first three weeks of January, we saw an emotional rollercoaster. Many couples broke up; many friends, family members, colleagues had fights. Just as I wrote in January's prediction:

"Wednesday, January 8th may feel like a cold shower for some of us. Eight planets out of ten will be in some malefic flux, so emotionally it can be a really mixed up feeling day. Try not to relate with others or engage with others too much during the day.

Wednesday and Thursday, January 8th and 9th can be hard days as a result of other aspects, mostly in terms of emotions, family and social factors. It's best not to make decisions about the future of our Relationships on this day; nor about moving or other emotion-related business. The flux causing this will be strongest on January 8th and 9th, but it can be affecting things right until Wednesday, January 18th but its effects will be weaker by then.

Between Sunday, January 19th and Sunday, February 16th , there will be a test of Relationships. In many cases this will be the period that decides who will be able to get along and whose common life will end. Those already in a Relationship will experience deep conversations and a need for setting everything in order, nice and neatly; until we do that the future together may be blurry and unclear.
Those who are about to start dating or enter a new Relationship will find the unfolding of the events very 'karmic', and will be rather full of work and therapy instead of a 'walk in the park'. So those not in a Relationship yet should try to wait until the middle of February before starting to date someone new.

Between Wednesday, January 22nd and Tuesday, February 4th, the energies of our lives can accelerate – we gain strength and come up with ideas but it will take a while until they come to fruition."

Saturday, February 1st will start the month with a day when we can still feel emotionally frustrated. It can be in our Relationship or any other human issues. We won't feel as mechanical and powerless as in the first two weeks of January, but try not to stop and argue with the other party.

Besides this, somewhat in contradiction with it, those couples who are on good terms on this day should take advantage of a great opportunity and some helping energies if they want to have a baby.

Monday, February 3rd can also be a very mixed up day with conflicts. Try to slow down, don't rush things, and try not to break up or move.

Between Thursday, February 6th and Monday, February 17th, we will probably feel very tired and numb because of the emotional tension caused by the planets from mid-December and January. Still carry on because here we are close to the end of this process. Don't make any fundamental decisions concerning Relationships, where you live or other main aspects of your life.

Be aware not to hold a grudge against anybody who hurt you during the last few weeks, don't bring up what they did or said. The more we are able to start with a clean slate, the better we are to ourselves. We need to constantly remind ourselves that the other person has their own problems too and may be emotionally mixed up.

Between Friday, February 7th and Saturday, March 1st, planet Mercury will be going retrograde in Pisces, and then Aquarius. As we can see, it will be in effect almost throughout the entire month. As a result we might feel our goals and ideas are less clear, and our momentum can also slow down. The reason for this is that before March we still have a lot of things to arrange and clean in our inner world so that our external life can blossom. Let's meditate a lot and do an inner scan because we will need it when our lives start getting into shape again.

On Friday, February 7th, many of those who wanted to have a baby may feel unsure about their decision. If you feel like this, your subconscious is probably sending a message in the form of strange feelings and doubts that a few things should be done before taking on the responsibility.

Between Sunday, February 9th and Thursday, February 20th, our lives start to be in harmony again. Those couples who did not break up before this time can be relieved; those who did break up can reach out to each other if they want to be together again.
Please keep in mind that the approach to each other can be quite egoistic, even arrogant so try to listen to the real needs of the other person and not only to your own thoughts and ideas about what the other requires. If we are able to do that, then it will be worth continuing the relationship together.

On Wednesday, February 12th, another planetary effect will help us to feel better and restore our damaged relationships.

Between Wednesday, February 12th, and Thursday, February 20th, we suddenly get new strengths and ideas, such as where and how to go on in our lives with a Relationship and with whom. It will be clear to us who our real friends are and with whom it is worthwhile to stay in touch.

Between Saturday, February 15th and Thursday, February 27th, some old hurts and emotional pains can show up out of the blue. These are things we collected from fights with others. Try to give amnesty to yourselves and to others as well. Work on these issues with a therapist and don't throw your hurts on someone else, even if they are the person who caused them.

Sunday, February 16th will bring the sense of salvation that we were really waiting for since the beginning of January. The planetary flux that was causing the problems in our relationships will cease on this day. It's a great day to celebrate, have a nice dinner, rest and relax.

Between Monday, February 17th and Tuesday, March 4th, we will feel an effect that will help us to calm down, feel great, and relieved. It will set everything right within us emotionally, and our soul can feel peace after the ups and downs of the last few weeks.

Between Tuesday, February 18th and Saturday, March 1st, another effect helps us find peace. Spend these days cuddling, resting, and regenerating. It doesn't necessarily have to be an asceticism as in the last two weeks of December though. Have nice conversations; eat; go for a walk, and try to regenerate in the ways you like.

On Tuesday, February 18th, a very rare and exciting alignment starts that will be with us until the end of March. It will give us momentum; a sort of voracity. It will give us a strong force towards eating, dating, having sex, gambling and such 'sins'.

Try to be moderate, but during these six weeks all the enjoyment is 'legal'. Be sure to avoid doing things that you would regret in the future, such as cheating on your partner; having an unwanted child; gambling money away, and so on.

From Wednesday, February 19th, it's still important to relax, meditate and prepare ourselves for the big rush that will come in March.

Between Monday, February 24th and Thursday, March 6th, we will be taken care of from above and be healed in every aspect; everything that got hurt during the previous year. Rest, meditate, and from this day on you can start planning the main things and areas of your external life.

Between Monday, February 24th and Saturday, March 8th, those who survived January and February as a couple will have to start thinking about taking it to the next level; move in together, get married, have a child. As Jupiter starts proceeding in Cancer from early March, it will boost these issues, so it's important to be with a person that we can imagine doing these things with.

On Friday, February 28th, another effect will help us feel easier. We will still feel little errors in our thoughts, communication and deeds, but we will know what we want, and will be able to get along.

Saturday, March 1st will bring the promise of a peaceful, harmonious month. For those who want to get married, from this day on there will be supporting energies. This day is also great for having a baby. If your parents are alive, it is advisable to visit them and spend some quality-time together. For those whose parents are not alive any more, this is a great day to go to the cemetery, say a prayer for them; you can even perform a small ritual.

In conclusion, we can say that for most of us, the month of January didn't start in a way that we wanted -- especially on an emotional level. It was a cold shower, a blow, and many people got hurt and frustrated in their main relationships. If we survived this shock, and we did, then there won't be anything in February that could overcome us. It's important to have stamina and maturity to go through these weeks, especially the first two. Maybe we don't yet understand what's happening with us, but just trust the celestial energies.

Don't stick to anything! If we let something go, it should come back eventually; and if not, we don't have any business with it. It sounds easy and indeed it is. Instead of emotional issues, focus on your inner work and other areas of your life. From the middle of February it will be a lot easier, the preparation starts for the things that Jupiter will bring to us.

February, especially its first two weeks, will be like a lecture that is part of a course that we really don't want to take. But we have to. After the exam, we will be showing our degree proudly and shouting, "I made it!". And indeed: we will see once we look back that without these experiences during the first two months of the year, our life wouldn't be the same and wouldn't be as rich.

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