Tibetan Reiki

Tibetan Reiki sessions can be done as distant healing sessions worldwide or as personal sessions also.

From the early 20th century even western science says what has been well known for thousands of years in the East – the whole body is made of subtle energy. If we maintain the proper flow of this energy, we can stay healthy, happy and can fulfill our lives.

Any effect, either physical or emotional, which is not in accordance with our inner, true nature, can cause energy blockages in our body and our systems. These blockages keep on waiting to be dissolved – it can happen gradually in the form of a sickness or through healing.

At a Tibetan Reiki (is also known as Prananadi) healing session we invoke a certain, appropriate frequency which is always the best remedy for the particular physical, emotional or mental problem. This invoked energy is transmitted through the hands right into the aura, to the problematic part. These subtle, curing energies start their healing effect immediately, and can cause a permanent positive change right after the treatment.

By experience we can say that Tibetan Reiki can have a great effect on any mental, emotional or physical disorder, i.e.: any types of cancer, heart conditions, kidney/gall bladder stones, joint-pain, tumor, broken/fractured bones, spinal/vertebrae problems, sleeping disorders, depression, focusing problems, etc.

After a few treatments of this method, anybody can quickly and effectively get out of any problem with absolutely no side effects and reach a healthy, happy state.

Sessions are done personally and/or worldwide for those who can’t visit us.
Each session lasts 1 hour.



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