Reincarnation Journey

There are numerous ways to heal emotional problems, mental worries and let go of burdens from the past. Most techniques give insight into the structure of the painful events but they cannot find or cure the root of the problem.

Through the reincarnation journey we are able to go beyond the limits of Western methods. We can go back to the very root of the problem, whether it be in the present or any other lives. As an outsider we can see and feel the events we were unable to deal with. We are able to dissolve the blocked emotional energies and learn the meaning behind a particular event in order to prevent its reoccurrence in our present life.

All the energies that are blocked can cause illness, and inexplicable difficulties in our personal, financial, and professional lives. If we release the negative energy then we can greatly improve the quality of our life.
The reincarnation journey is like an inner movie, best watched from afar. We see the events of the past (or present) life and feel the feelings and emotions that are familiar from this present life. With guidance we can dissolve these unwanted emotions. It is common to meet people from our present life but in a different form in order to solve any unfinished business with them. This treatment has remarkable effects on our relationships in our present life. In addition, this treatment is also extremely beneficial in helping cure physical ailments.

Our prices are based upon your donations. You may give whatever you feel is fair &/ what you can afford for a Reincarnation Journey. In other words, PWYC (pay what you can). Each session lasts 2-3 hours.

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