Palm Leaf Reading

India is largely known for its mysticism. Some ancient Indian sages were able to see through time and space and conserve their knowledge for future generations through the ancient technique of Palm Leafs. Motivated by compassion and pure love they wrote them for a wide range of people, and these writings have been hidden in secret Indian libraries waiting to be found by their owner.

We all face crossroads throughout our lives, whether it be financial, professional, or relationship issues. It is during this time when we often want to hear about our Palm Leafs. Not only are we searching for them, they are also searching for us. These manuscripts are meant to give us guidance, describing the main events that await us.
When will we meet the One? Will we have children? What will our career be? When should we expect ups and downs? Will we face health issues? What do we have to do to avoid these obstacles by preparing for them?

The Leafs also tell us about the most important previous life that has a blocking effect on our present life. Most importantly, it provides a simple karma-cleaning way that helps us to live the happiest, most fulfilled life we can.

How can you get your personal Palm Leaf? Through a short matching process and an initiated Indian Palm Leaf reader who helps you through a live video-connection. The matching chapter of the Palm Leaf contains the information needed to find your personal manuscript. Written 2000 years ago! Sounds unbelievable, but it is true. We have found and read over one thousand Palm Leafs to satisfied customers from all over the world and have personally experienced this phenomenon.

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The total price for a reading is $350 (CAD). To start the search of your Palm Leaf we only require the first half of the price ($175 CAD) as a deposit / If we don't find your Palm Leaf within three live matching appointments this fee is refundable!

The second half of the payment is required only after we have found your Palm Leaf in the successful matching process.

The price of the Palm Leaf reading covers the search for your Palm Leaf Manuscript, the reading and matching with English translation and recording of the process.

*The Palm Leaf reading may take up to 3 hours.

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