Jupiter goes retrograde

Let's take a look at this planetary effect that will determine the most what this current period of November 2013 to March 2014 will be like. Jupiter goes retrograde...

Before I get into the topic I need to clarify a few things. When I had started doing astrological analyses it was very astonishing for me to see deeply into the lives of other people. Everywhere there was something dysfunctional, something missing regarding the parents or the entire childhood. Since I do every analysis as a channel, whatever I say during it is the very first time I am hearing it -- even for myself. I had thought for a long time that my childhood was more hectic than average, but when you talk with someone one-on-one a real intimacy arises, and you discover that we all have something to heal within.

After the twentieth or thirtieth analysis that I did, I realized there is no such thing as a perfect family, or perfect life. There is, everywhere, a missing piece or part and it took time for me to figure out why. Namely, we live in a three-dimensional world. In three dimensions there is never such a thing as a perfect state, perfect unity. Still, the energies want to unite and this constant struggle and flow forms the movement of the external world, the dialectical spinning.

Once I realized it, a new level of empathy appeared in me. You don't need to be perfect. Nothing is going to be pure or sheer in three dimensions. And a warning also that these dialectics drive us downward towards chaos, and though you can't be perfect it doesn't mean you don't need to work on yourself; to live according to your gender, age and social environment. We won't find total fulfillment in it, but we can step out of neurotic distraction. In this case neurosis means our partial selves that demand space and the spotlight in our daily life.

In a technical sense we can always observe a state of split personality in each and every person; if we are honest, this even includes ourselves. Something happens and the posture, the look, the tone has changed and a new 'persona' stands there. 'He/she' has different goals and ways from the 'one' that stood there before. Is there any problem with it? In an objective sense, no there isn't. But still, one split part within us wants this and then the other part wants that, and most often they don't concur. There are also more than two different parts that exist within us at the same time.

This introduction is really important to be able to understand this article. These posts, the analyses, the predictions are not written to chip away at anybody, but to see and clarify what we need to give up and which way we need to proceed to be in a more fulfilled and happy state. By this we already have made the first step towards being more united and integrated.
The world is made up of archetypes. In these latter ages we like to think we are unprecedented, unique individuals, which is true in a sense. But still we can be categorized by certain archetypes throughout our lives.

As we are born we immediately step into the energies of the Planet Mercury and the sign of Gemini from the age of 0 to around 9-13. Sexual attributes are not developed yet and the keywords are spontaneity, playfulness and creativity at this stage. Though to be able to represent these qualities, stable and mature parents are required to be there. They can provide the foundation so that we can fully focus on our childhood qualities. We try everything and our attention is not focused yet, just like a fly that goes around in the room landing and going up rapidly. The eye-hand coordination is also developed in this period; a child touches and grabs everything and observes it carefully.

In the boys'/men's case we step into the archetype of Mars and Aries from the age of 9-13 till around 30 years of age. A new strength and power arises which wants to burst out of us with no control. A new sense of 'I' appears and forces us to be acknowledged by the world. Our elementary goal is that others see us and we have a control over things. Mate with women, overcome enemies, hunt down prey – these are the main basic programs within. The control of strength is not yet there, rather these programs are forcing us and not the other way around. We make the very first step towards our goals but with no planning, the first stage of the process gets emphasized.

Between the age of 30 and 50 we are in the archetype of Sun and Leo as a man. If everything was optimal we have already gratified our passions, our force has slowed down a little, energies are deepened and controlled, and we have gained and developed experience in the world. We know what we want and how to get it. We can see the whole process leading to it, we can also reach back to our experiences if needed. The emphasis is on the middle of the whole process. A certain empathy arises in us. We want the best people and things, and we are able to share what we have with those whom we find worthy: wife, child, other family members, colleagues, friends.

From around the age of 50 until death we are in the archetype of Jupiter and Sagittarius. Energies and powers are noble here, we observe the events from a higher, more sensitive perspective. Our desires and goals are fulfilled, thus the focus of our attention turns to more spiritual and public pursuits. Our strengths are accessible to more people and our life experiences have brought the qualities of goodness, empathy, ethics and honour. A new connection is there with the 'higher' worlds, with God, and we try to take care of the world, to make it a better, nobler place in a general way.

In the girls'/women's case, from the archetype of Mercury-Gemini they step into Venus and Libra from the age of 9-13 up to 30 years of age. Sexual attributes start to develop such as the breasts and hips, in order to make them more desirable for the opposite sex. Attention and focus is sporadic, a certain innocence and openness is there, but at the same time some kind of shyness. Our goal is to appear as harmonic and desirable persons to the external world so that we can be seen and acknowledged, and likewise we can gain energy from the admiration of the world and other people. Flirting is the main attitude, and with this strategy we are able to attract men's energy. Though after taking the first step forward we then always take a step back, because after 'opening up' the world we want to enjoy the gained attention and energies. We are esthetical and charming, but still others can feel as if we are always slipping out of their hands, and this strategy is ruining our relationships in the long run.

Between the ages of 30 and 50, women are in the archetypes of Moon and Cancer. Searching is over, we have chosen the most worthy man, and it helps us to turn inwards. The goal here is settlement, turning the energies within and keeping them concentrated. Keywords are empathy, identification, understanding, caring. Qualities of Venus have declined, and we get appreciation from doing our duties, taking care of our loved ones, being honest and trustworthy, and with a kind of purity. A Man and a Child mean everything, and for the Woman in this Trinity, since it represents the whole Universe, she feels safety, satisfaction and peace.

From the age of 50 till death the women step into the archetype of Neptune and Pisces. The child is grown up, the grandchild appears in their life. Since there is no direct relationship, a loving, caring, empathy can appear that has no conditions. Everybody can turn to her. There will always be a warm, understanding attitude and atmosphere. It may be that no direct help is there, but in such an environment the problem itself also ceases to be there.

                        Jupiter-Sagittarius                                 Neptune-Pisces
                        Sun-Leo                                               Moon-Cancer
                        Mars-Aries                                            Venus-Libra  


Why did I open up this topic? I wanted to explain that these archetypes are all within us. And I don't mean it in a neo-spiritual sense, but purely from a therapeutic point of view. We are constantly getting in touch with these archetypes and since 99.9% of us don't live our lives in a constant state of awareness and love, we absorb them and they are stuck within us. And it's okay. Still in a therapeutic sense, if we don't work on ourselves and work at getting rid of them, our life will be hectic and confused. We think and act like a 5-year-old at one stage, then as a bewildered teen boy, then like a 60-year-old grandma. And we think and act like we're in all of these stages within a few hours! Objectively, how do we want to achieve anything in our lives? How do we want it to be stable or fulfilled?

It is incredible for me how many people say he/she can't find a job, has no money, or has no relationship. Let's just imagine for a second what if there are too many uncleared childish parts in us and they are blocking us to live the settled life of an adult? I clearly remember a point in my life from a few years ago when a sentence crossed my mind: "Children don't need money." And untill the age of 27 there was a program in me that five hundred dollars was a lot of money. And this had been the limit for my salary. My savings and I could never exceed it. My relationships were also really chaotic. And then at the age of 27, I started the work on myself with a newly-learnt method and cleared my inner world from these patterns. I got married, my career started and my income became a lot more than it had ever been before. I started to work at something that I love and that helps a lot of people.

How do we want to have a warm and nurturing home (Moon-Cancer), as a woman, if we are always too deeply involved in spirituality or constantly travel around the world? (Jupiter-Sagittarius) How do we want to settle and take care of a family as a man (Sun-Leo), if we are unable to take responsibilities and we come and go with no great depth of insight or knowledge? (Mercury-Gemini) As a woman, how do we want a satisfying and happy relationship (Venus-Libra) if our mind is always on motorcycles, cars, dogs or sports (Mars-Aries)? It's not about judging or condemnation. It simply means that certain qualities extinguish others.

Jupiter is the biggest planet of our solar system so whatever is going on with it has a huge significance. It is in Cancer right now which is the archetype of Mother, Wife, Home, Family, Marriage, and its qualities are warmth, peace, empathy and prudence. Well, as Jupiter has started going retrograde on the 7th of November, it gives us the feeling as if a horse cart was turning. Slowly, it sweeps aside everything in its way. As Jupiter proceeds backwards in Cancer it's like sitting in the sauna and heat expels everything from us that's not right. Since it's happening in Cancer these things will be those not in harmony with the qualities of Cancer. Thus, women are mostly affected; especially the ones between the ages of 25 and 35.
As a woman, what hinders you from finding your place and to settle down -- to find a Man, a Partner, to establish a Home, to have a Child and your own Family? All those things that are not in accordance with it will vanish from your life.

The period will be 5 months long and the biggest planet will take care of it. All of my wife's friends each have a cat now which is quite interesting, since cats are the animals of the Moon. As they are approaching 30 years of age a new need arises as well for Moon-like qualities. They need something that teaches and reminds them of it, and in hard times a cat can provide them with such an energy.

The archetypes described above will not play a role for the next 5 months. If you are a woman, then you will feel as if you are squatting on top of an elevator like an action hero in the movies. The elevator proceeds higher and higher rapidly closing the gap to the ceiling. And you run out of space. Your life is non-stop partying? No problem, but that's no Moon. You're an iron-lady, obsessed by motorcycles or dogs? No problem, but that's no Moon. You spend your entire day meditating, you have read all the Paolo Coelho and Osho books and in every store you greet the clerk with "Namaste." instead of "Good afternoon."? No problem, but that's no Moon.

The more someone is outraged or stressed by this article the higher the lack of the Moon-energies within that person. I know, because I have sent this article to some people and they got mad at me in the order and extent that they are dysfunctional in their lives pertaining to Moon.
These next 5 months is a long period and you can only benefit if you keep in mind these ideas and hints. In the case of many families and relationships this will be a crucial test to see if they split up or can proceed to a higher level. And if you are a woman you'll most likely use this strategy: you'll close your eyes, think a bit and say: "My partner is not the right one for me." RIght now, I will have to protect that person. You are going to be the one who is looking for shortcuts or hidden trails, anything except having to step into the qualities of Moon.

I never say or write anything that I haven't experienced or know for sure. A funny thing is that around 3 weeks ago I was writing about this to a good friend of mine who is a woman, and that morning I got a message from her: "We gotta talk!" "About what?" "You know, I think I wanna break up with my partner." "I know." "How?!?!?!".
I know, because these are not your thoughts. These are not your feelings, but only your ego. Your split parts are protecting themselves because if you'd only integrate yourself and step into the stage that's most in accordance with your age, gender and status, your ego should disappear. But your ego can not let this happen.

So this is going to be the main aspect of the next 5 months. You will try to figure out a way so you won't have to enter the qualities of Moon. You'll meditate a lot more. You're going to be representing yourself more aggressively. You're going to be coming and going even more. But the qualities of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury never will be the qualities of Moon! The sooner you start representing Moon voluntarily, the sooner you'll live your life according to your true nature -- which is in accordance with your age, gender and social status.


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