Andrea, Toronto

My personal Palm Leaf was read in Toronto, on the 23rd of February, 2013. It talked about my destiny, my karma, all the effects that shape this present life of mine. I think one can meet his/her Palm Leaf, when he/she faces crossroads, and wants to understand what and why is effecting one's life, and what is needed to be done to raise its level. What situations we can avoid and what we need to face definitely. According to my husband's and my experience the Palm Leaf is a thing that transmits enormous energies. It was written 2000 years ago directly to us, and we felt it causes a huge shift in consciousness.

In the past few years I started to make efforts to raise the quality of my life, and to experience things that give me good feelings and happiness. I knew I have to work on it deliberately. For me listening to the reading of my personal Palm Leaf was a miracle and a blessing at the same time. The most touching moment was when the Reader told me that Agasthiya Maharishi had written down the exact day and hour of my birth 2000 years ago. He also wrote down in advance my and my parents' name, my ex and present husband's name; and when he clearly pronounced them from the Leaf all my doubts vanished and I knew that this is a genuine thing and was written directly to me.

After the matching process the Reader started to tell me about the general chapter of my Leaf. I heard about the obstacles in this current period, and the solutions to get rid of the problems. I was told about the forthcoming periods of my life, the major events and opportunities in the future. What health issues I will have to face if I don't pay attention and make precautions. The most significant past life was also told me, how its blocked energies are hindering this present life of mine, and what techniques help me the most to avoid these obstacles.

I'd like to thank Vera and Richie for their effort to help me find my Palm Leaf. And I'd also like to thank Kumar, the Palm Leaf reader for sharing the content of my Palm Leaf with me.


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