Viktoria, 30, Budapest

A few months ago I went to a doctor who examined me and he found a kidney-stone in my left kidney which was 7 mm big. The very next day I visited my friend Vera, and I told her about this problem. She gave me a short energetic treatment. Two days after I went back to the doctor, and he couldn't find the stone! It was gone! :) The doctor was searching for it for a while and didn't understand it. He also sent me to CT and they didn't find it either! My symptoms also disappeared.

I also had an astrological reading about a year ago. It was really interesting, and I can say it changed my life. Since then all the major aspects of my life (my partner, my son, profession) went the way that I was told it would. I’ve been told that in January 2012 I I will have to rise in consciousness together with my partner. We started to reshape ourselves, went to workshops together, I think we are heading in the right direction now.

A month after the analysis I find a job that really fits me! Now I feel I'm in the right place of my life.


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