Romina, 26, Budapest

I had heard about Vera and the Singing Bowls thanks to a friend. Without too much prior thinking I decided to try it and gave Vera a call. At first I didn't know exactly what it was about. What I knew was that I should be drinking water before I receive the treatment.

The first time I met Vera, she gave me more explanation and once I had the treatment, well, it explained itself. What I love about it is that I can take a moment for myself, I dissolve in the sound and the vibrations going through my body. I know that I am there to get better and I learnt to accept the reaction I might have.

I some times cried, in particular when I released the block I had created in my heart and throat. The first time was the most intense one. I really managed to turn off my brain and to just be. I remember I feeling like I needed to make a sound, which I did and I timidly started say A-a-a.... and Vera immediately assured me that it was all right. The sound that at first was so broken became slowly clearer, until I felt relieved. After the treatment I successfully talked with a person to whom I hadn't spoken in 2 years and I could close unresolved issues. I know the treatment helped me.

I had tried other treatments as well which were all valid and useful, but the singing bowls are definitely my favourite one. I feel they help me balance my inner self as much as my body. I feel I am not only able to communicate better but I my sore throats having been around in a while. I had problems going to the washroom regularly; that also resolved after a few treatments.

I would suggest everyone to give it a try; you will personally realize what words can't express.
It is a unique experience for each of us.


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