Eva, 44, Pecs

Eva44-FeedbackIt always felt good that Vera welcomed me warmly any time we met. Basically I'm a very introverted person, and the excitement of the Palm Leaf reading only intensified it. But it was quickly gone by the openness and love coming from Vera. I had been preparing myself for a long time to have my Palm Leaf read, but such as anything else it came at the right time. I'm very sensitive and cry easily, so I took a lot of tissues with me when I went to the reading. Still I was grinning through the whole process. :) I have had anticipations for years about my life and its inner motives, but I didn't know if they were real or only my mind playing tricks on me. Above all, from these issues I got a confirmation from my Palm Leaf. These confirmations strengthened my self-confidence and the faith, that we are all well guided, we just have to realize the signs along the way. The fact that I got to know the content of my Palm Leaf, it emphasized not to just sit passively. I also have to do something to reach my real aims, those things I have never talked about to anyone before, but stunningly they were written and appeared in my Palm Leaf as well. I'm really grateful that I happened to meet Vera, and thankful to the writer and the reader of my Palm Leaf for this wonderful experience!


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