Astrological prediction for for December, 2013

The month of December ushers in the freedom and renewal that we have been awaiting for so long -- finally! The stuck, blocked energies will be smoothened and forming slowly but will ignite the things in our lives with tenacity. Again, this is a main effect I'm really looking forward to and it will also help us a lot to see and know what we want from our lives; which way we want to be heading.

From the first day of the month, between Sunday , December 1st and Thursday , the 12th , we'll see our relationship and social life smoothen and it will give us a sense of harmony. Everything will fall into place: what, how and why we want. We will feel a gentle power and steadiness and it will help us proceed in our lives. (Mars in Virgo in trine with Venus in Capricorn)

Between Tuesday , December 3rd and Tuesday , the 10th , those thoughts and acts that have tormented us for the last few months will start to heal. However, we will still feel a bit numb and dulled in the way a boxer feels after taking a bold punch. (Mercury in Sagittarius in square with Neptune in Pisces)

Thursday , December the 5th will be a very significant and intense day: A process will end that started on November 25th and had helped us reshape and reset ourselves; seeing more clearly in our ambitions and goals. (Sun in Sagittarius comes out of trine with Uranus in Aries)
Planet Mercury enters Sagittarius from Scorpio, it also helps our tormented thoughts and inner world to calm down. From this day on we will see the world as a noble, righteous and good place after the struggles and insecurities of the last few months.
It will also bring women out of the distractedness and split states that they have been experiencing. In relationship, we can open up to each other and find a new sense of harmony. (Jupiter in Cancer comes out of opposition with Venus-Moon in Capricorn)

On Saturday , December 7th , the planet Mars enters Libra. This helps Relationships, planting new energies and momentum in them. Women should be careful to stay feminine since this effect can make them too powerful and too masculine.

Between Saturday , December 7th and Friday , the 13th , our Inner Child can feel itself grown-up; firm, ambitious and settled. It's a great period to start new businesses, start attending a course or start any other enterprises. (Mercury in Sagittarius in trine with Uranus in Aries)

On Thursday , December 12th , it's very beneficial to pray and meditate a lot or start a session of rituals. If our beloved ones are not alive anymore (partner, parents, relatives), it's a great day to visit their graves and pay homage to them.

After the first two energetic weeks of the start of the month, the brakes will be pulled just so as not to be too perky during this time between Saturday , December 14th and Sunday , January 5th . We will be slowed down a little, not too much, but enough to bring back our attention and focus to our inner world, too; just to stay in balance regarding the internal and external, spiritual and material. (Mars in Libra in opposition with Uranus in Aries)

Aaaaand here is a day I have been waiting for: Uranus will start proceeding forward in Aries. Uranus means the future, goals, perspective and development. Aries means strength, power, energy, taking the first step, departure. Uranus had been going backwards since July 17th... As it was going retrograde we saw ourselves stepping back and forth, but with no development in our lives. We had an idea but no resources. We had resources but didn't know how to utilize them. This gave us the feeling of struggling, aimlessness and hopelessness in the last five months. Personally, I was really fed up with it, namely whatever we planned couldn't come to fruition.

From Tuesday , December 17th , these effects will cease; things fall into place. The future becomes clear and we'll see which way to proceed in our lives. Also, we get the resources to accomplish them too!

Between Thursday , December 19th and Sunday , the 29th , after the first two weeks of the month we should be more introspective; turn inside and get deeper; prepare ourselves for the winter and the end of the year. This deepening won't be as tormenting as the last few months though, but rather like hibernation through the winter instead. (Sun in Capricorn in sextile with Neptune in Pisces)

Between Friday , December 20th and Sunday , January 5th , another effect will cause the same thing. It emphasizes that we turn inside, make savings in every aspect, reorganize what we already have, make an inventory both externally and internally. Check what we have and what we still need to gain in order to reach our goals. (Sun in alignment with Mercury in Capricorn)

On Saturday , December 21st , the Sun enters Capricorn. It will be Midwinter. Sit down for a while, digest what happened this year; let's just digest it and let it be integrated. This day try to avoid others, focus only yourself. If you don't do that you can easily find yourself in a quarrel that seems to have no real reason and end. So it's good to lose ourselves; retreat somewhere and pay attention only to yourself.

Sunday , December 22nd also emphasizes this. It's a good time to start a short fasting period, clean our apartments. Even though the Holidays are coming, still, this effect tells us to be moderate during the next few weeks. (Venus starts going retrograde in Capricorn)

December 24th , Christmas . Before consumer society this was the time for intimacy, peace and serenity when people retreated and gathered in their homes from cold, and everyone opened and let the other a bit closer than usual.
From this day on, four out of ten planets will be in Capricorn for three weeks. It gives a very powerful emphasis on Maturity, Earnestness and Asceticism -- in a good sense. So if you really want to enjoy yourself, try to spend the holidays in this 'old-school' fashion: quietly and deeply. You will get the opportunity to run after the things of the external world from mid-January.

Between Tuesday , December 24th and Saturday , January 11th , another effect emphasizes it. Stay focused, look inside, and just as all the other parts of the world right now, be a bit more introverted. (Mars in Libra in square with Sun-Mercury in Capricorn)

Between Wednesday , December 25th and Saturday , January 11th , one other very similar effect is there. Take a break from our plans for a bit. Although the boldly blocking energies are gone it is still wise to pay our respect to the end of the year and start proceeding with our life only from mid-January. (Sun-Mercury in Capricorn with Pluto in square with Uranus in Aries)

December 31st , New Year's Eve . Five planets out of ten -- half of the planets will be in Capricorn. I can't tell everyone to be quiet and stay at home but if you can try, do something deep and more meaningful that day and enjoy responsibly.
In summary, I can say that I see a great month coming. At last all the major 'slow' planets will be proceeding forward. (Only Jupiter moves retrograde but it's the Main Benefactor, so its effect is almost always positive.)

From the very first day of the month we will feel ourselves refreshed; our goals, desires and strength will be in accordance with each other. In the middle of December it peaks, and just when we feel as if nothing can stop us...the Holidays are upon us and everything stops for two weeks. It's as if just as our team is about to win the game, halftime comes. Use these two to three weeks around the Holidays to get ourselves sorted. It's not going to be as tormenting as the last few months but it helps us see more clearly what we have; which way we want to be heading and how we can reach our goals. If we are willing to accept that there will be a break in this process then we will have a great time in December. It's best to consider our lives as a match or a game. Enjoy it! Focus on the steps and the path, not the end results and everything will be fine!

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