Astrological prediction for February, 2014

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The month of February will be a time of transition. From the middle of December we saw some energies make us turn inside, organize our things, and focus within. These energies 'pushed' our hidden and blocked energies from our subconscious to the external world, thus we have been experiencing a mixed state in our relationships since the beginning of January.
Since then, we have been feeling tense in every emotional aspect, and we see ourselves only experiencing the events, seemingly with no control. These patterns can be present during the first two weeks of February. Still, we will see this process calm down. So, try to carry on and remain in good spirits because soon everything will be fine again.

After that, from the middle of February, there will be a period of healing and redemption. The energy of the planets from December until the beginning of March has been preparing the stage for something truly grand. Namely, planet Mars will start going retrograde in Libra, and at last Jupiter starts proceeding in Cancer. It will be incredibly exciting, and what we see in our lives is in preparation for that. Sometimes it accompanies losses and hurts, but it is not going to be in vain!

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