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Why we ought to do spiritual exercises

  • Published in Blog
  • March 20, 2014

In these current times it is of the utmost importance to clearly see and understand why it's necessary to do techniques that can help us heal and get to know our inner self. For most people, meditation, mantras and yoga are simply some kind of a foggy superstitions. A huge and sudden jolt seems to be needed in order to make us start doing them, especially for the very first time.
"The wise person learns from others' mischief." That's true. The really clever and smart ones don't wait until their life starts to decline, including physical and mental health, but by using other people's lives as an example, aim to keep their well-being at a good level. Most of us are interested in how we can bring out the best of our life; to answer that question we must say it has a lot to do with how we spend our spare time and energy.

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