Astrological prediction for June, 2014

One of the longest and most dominant effects during this month was already established between April 10th and will be going on until June 28th. It will give us a slight obstruction in terms of Relationship, sexuality and the comfort of our lives. It can create a bumpy evolution for newly-started Relationships, and those already existing need to focus on stuck energies from the past that are needed in the present in order to live it to its fullest -- in the here and now. In general, we will try and try with things in our lives but the result or the sense of fulfillment may be delayed.
As I was compiling the planetary effects of June, I kept feeling as if it was a bonus-level of a computer game. It just doesn't fit into the normal flow of the game but is still connected to it somehow. As we go through it, we will gain a lot of experience that we will be able to utilize from July onwards. Life will trick us: our desires will be fullfilled during June. We get what we've been longing for since last November-December. Freedom, parties, enjoyment, and we get more than enough so that we will have a surplus of it. Be alert! You will be tricked! Still, our hunger is bigger now than our cautiousness, and we will leap into these joys. Likewise, Life will reach its goal: we get disenchanted with extremities. Full-closedness or introversion vs. full extroversion. Spirituality vs. Materialism. Together or Alone. Me or Us. We have been craving for things and when we get them we realize what they truly mean to us. For example, we want a love partner but subconsciously we are also trying to avoid it. But now that we've gotten one, we have to be "on top" in the relationship. Or we may have been wanting to move out of our family home, living with our parents, and now that we are finally able to do so, we have to take on a lot of responsibility like paying the rent or lease of this new place and really make an effort to establish our home for ourselves on our own.

Between Sunday, May 25th and Saturday, June 7th, we will feel ourselves really energetic, full of aims and refreshed. We will feel like a teenager and be able to act and think with that pace, too. Therefore, try to be very active during these two weeks!

Between Sunday, June 1st and Wednesday, June 11th, other uplifting energies will connect into this flow. A New World can emerge and open up for us; something fresh that needs to be explored.

On Monday, June 2nd, another flux of the former 'Grand Cross' will dissolve, helping us to see the world as a better place; to feel more peaceful and to get connected with our emotions. It will make us more grounded and tranquil.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, another effect will cease that had made us insecure, melancholic and a little bit disturbed.

Between Tuesday, June 3rd and Wednesday, June 11th, we may feel ourselves sentimental; a desire to belong to something or someone and a need for serenity could emerge. Those wanting to have a baby, or to move house can get good support from above during the week.

Between Wednesday, June 4th and Friday, June 13th, we will find equilibrium in between hedonism and asceticism. Try to look for quality pleasures. Dig deep into it; taste it; be it in any form it takes. In Relationships, we may experience it as having a kind of "brand new" yet "ancient" quality at the same time.

Between Thursday, June 5th and Sunday, June 8th, there will be another long and significant effect. We will be trying to find a healthy balance between opening ourselves to someone and keeping our integrity. "How much can I open up so that the other can enter?" We feel connected and thus, we feel enjoyment, but "How to manage to keep myself as the observer in all of this?". This will be the main question during the month of June. There can be a constant negotiation between partners regarding the conditions and terms of a well-functioning Relationship.

Between Thursday, June 5th and Saturday, June 28th, the former 'Grand Cross' partly reshapes itself in the form of a square-triangle. Now let's not start clutching our hearts as if we're having a heart attack! Don't get scared. This will be significantly different than the horror that was April. Back then, we felt sometimes as if we were fighting to stay alive; here we will fight to live. We will be testing the boundaries. It's like trying to figure out how to sneak into the strip joint while we were underaged. We were afraid of getting caught and this excitement enhanced its joy. Or how much can I bite my partner during sex to give pleasure for both, but not pain? How much can we drive full-throttle but not get pulled over and fined or even crash the car but enjoy the sense of limitlessness? So. be naughty but careful at the same time!

Also on Thursday, June 5th, a flux will cease that held us back and numbed us for a while. Basically, nothing can hold us back from 'partying' as mentioned above.

Friday, June 6th can also bring something New. This will be the day when the energies are very hectic and rapid.
Between Saturday, June 7th and Tuesday, July 1st, Mercury goes retrograde from Cancer to Gemini. The Zodiac sign of Cancer is equal to peace, family, home, emotions, Gemini represents the qualities of playfulness, irresponsibility, creativity. This will make us childish and liberated. It's a good thing, since we were stuck in severe and deep energies from November onwards. Consider these three weeks as our summer camp or holiday.

Sunday, June 8th can be a day to avoid meeting our partner. Stay away from debates! And if we know ourselves to have a tendency to cheat on our partner, try to lock yourself in at home for this day.

The time between Monday, June 9th and Tuesday, June 17th can freeze our relationship with others; especially our partner. We will be measuring what we gain if we are with the person versus what we lose or give up. Try to restrain yourselves a bit: don't say the last word, don't eat the last bite, and so on.

On Tuesday, June 10th, one of the 'slow planets', Neptune, starts going retrograde in its own Zodiac sign of Pisces. From this day on, there will be a tendency to cling to the past; to the times when 'everything was alright'. Try to explore your inner world. Learn from your past, but don't get lost in it.

Between Wednesday, June 11th and Monday, July 28th -- for one and a half months (!) -- a very, VERY significant and powerful 'gate' will be open to past lives and karma. Saturn and Pluto will be in a flux in each other's signs, Capricorn and Scorpio. We will have great support to cleanse the stuck energies.

Between Thursday, June 12th and Monday, June 16th, planet Sun will proceed in Gemini with no flux to other planets. This can give us a sense of loneliness, of being lost, and also give rise to situations when we have to act alone.

On Friday, June 13th, the very powerful trine of Jupiter and Saturn dissolves. It gave us a sense of morality, traditional energies, and now we will lose ourselves a bit due to it, and go for more worldly things. We can go a bit wild from this day on because this month is all about "going wild" -- but be cautious at the same time!

Between Friday, June 13th and Tuesday, June 24th, these rushing energies that began in June can get grounded a bit. We take a step backwards and we become more sensible about the people in our surroundings. We will want to share our enjoyments with others and will pay attention not to make others cross.

Between Monday, June 16th and Tuesday, June 24th, planet Mercury will be in alignment with the Sun in Gemini and Cancer. It will provide a dialectic effect. The more we go towards ego and pleasures, the more we crave the connection with others and giving up on ourselves. During winter we were cut off from the external world in order to pay attention to internal concerns and to connect with someone – but it didn't work out. Now we are forced to go outside and be more social.

Wednesday, June 18th will be an auspicious day in connection with emotions, home, healing, therapy and peace. Go to a spa; visit your therapist; or have a deep conversation with someone you like and trust. Those wanting a child also have better chances on this day.

Thursday, June 19th is also a beneficial day for all of these things, but with a bit more active and dynamic edge.

On Tuesday, June 24th, two rapid, active fluxes will dissolve; pulling back some driving forces, and slow us down a bit.

Between Tuesday, June 24th and Friday, July 4th, we really feel a craving for 'going home'. This is something like when you go to a party and have a good time, but at 3am the music is just too loud; the smoke irritates your eyes, your legs are killing you, and you want only one thing: your bed. Intimacy, home, peace gets more and more valued from this week on.

Wednesday, June 25th can be a day when we decide with whom we can imagine being together in this peace and intimacy. This can bring back those negotiations we made about the conditions of a happy life, but not with the same intensity and severity as we saw in early June. Here we will already know what we do not want, and from this certainty we will talk with our partner, friend, parent, etc.

Between Wednesday, June 25th and Thursday, July 3rd can cause a few nights on the couch due to quarrels, and will also bring our attention back to past relationships and childhood memories. Our mind will tend to seek for a past memory when "everything was alright" and will try to cling to that memory. Be careful with that. Time always heals everything and what happened so intensely in the past may seem a lot better now. So use the past as a lesson, and live in the present at the same time.

Saturday, June 28th will be a day when the former 'Grand Cross' will be in the sky again. Avoid confrontation with everybody; even yourself, and do something pleasant and peaceful during the day.

Between Sunday, June 29th and Thursday, July 10th, we will be saying for sure: "I want peace, home, tranquility!". In order to reach that we should let go of our past; more precisely, we have to open the shell that contains our memories and thus the energy stuck within them. The funny thing is, that those cleansing their past and subconscious mind won't lose anything, but will actually get back those memories on a more integrated level. They will get the energy from them in order to use in building their life here in the present and on a higher level.

The month of June will be the combination of an American teen-movie and a Brazilian soap-opera. Teen movie in a sense that when you watch it, and you know that the main character shouldn't eat the spider while at a drunken party, but at the same time you enjoy watching it and feel sick because of it. You know it's not fun crashing the father's 70-year-old vintage Ferrari which he has been keeping in his garage and which he polishes every day. And as it happens in the movie, you laugh but also feel bad simultaneously.

Brazilian soap-opera, because you know that the heroine shouldn't leave the hero for the cruel but handsome Aurelio Marqueza just because the hero forgot to buy her a present for her birthday. You watch it; one part cheers for them to find peace and reunite while the other part enjoys the whole entanglement. After a while, you get bored of the whole thing and promise yourself that if it goes on for another ten minutes like this, you will throw the remote control out the window and go have your dinner instead.

We will probably grin and cry often and at the same time during the month of June. We will be having the best days of our lives but won't be able to enjoy them completely because we will have no one to share it with. The twist is that we have the enjoyment because we choose absolute freedom. So, it's pretty much a Catch-22 and will be resolved at the end of the month.

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