Astrological prediction for May, 2014

During the month of May we will be seeing and experiencing the chains falling off us that have been there since last November. Week after week another restraining force will vanish, and as we proceed in time we can switch to higher and higher gears. First it will be bumpy and shaky, but just like riding a bike, we will get better and better on it and get back to the harmony that has been waiting to embrace us again.

Between Wednesday, April 30th and Monday, May 12th, we will start to feel more and more grounded, just as an airplane makes a smooth landing, or as a groundhog comes up to the surface and walks out of its hole. We will be experiencing a newer sense of harmony on a physical level.

Thursday, May 1st, we will feel ourselves liberated; what we thought and figured out before starts taking shape or comes into physical existence.

Between Thursday, May 1st and Monday, May 5th, we will be feeling cautious; even suspicious, as we proceed step-by-step. We are not believing this new-found freedom that's suddenly been given to us after the long 'winter' months. We have been preventing ourselves from doing anything we really want because we haven't been used to getting what we want, especially since November of 2013.

Saturday, May 3rd will bring another flux that I've been waiting for and what I feel we've needed in the past few weeks. This effect will bring back Spirituality, Order and the Higher Good in our lives.
On this same day, Venus enters Aries. On a higher level this means the beginning of a new relationship, the re-forming of the old; filling it with energy and also the birth of harmony. On a lower level, it causes women to act more like men and this will also be powered by Mars as it goes retrograde in Libra from March to May. It's recommended for women not to cut their hair short and to skip going to the gym for a while. It's good to note that if we want something desperately; the stronger we want it and the more impatient we get, the further we will be from our goal. This is especially true and will be very important in the second half of the year.
A third planetary effect will refresh us and turn us towards the external world. It's as if the state of numbness that we got during the last stage of the Grand Cross starts to dissolve and we get our minds clear again.

Sunday, May 4th, is going to be another day when we have to be aware of our sense of comfort, especially with our relationships. Try not to hurt anybody; avoid conflicts. The good news is that this will be the last day of its kind before the Grand Cross finally ceases.

Between Tuesday, May 4th and Thursday, May 15th we will have a sensastion as if a door that's been closed for a long time is finally opening. We are officially free, but we still won't believe it. We will watch suspiciously and wonder if it's all a trick; and when will we be delivered back to the place we had been stuck in for so long? The irony is that if we go with this attitude we will rebuild our prison, but only this time it won't actually be real as it had been during the last few months. It will just be "in our heads".

Between Wednesday, May 7th and Thursday, May 15th, parallel to this there will be a flux that will sort of mix up the sexes: globally and inter-personally. Mars and Venus will be in opposition in each other's zodiac signs and this will cause a sense of electricity, just as it happens right before a big storm. Try to spend this week with simple things; proceed with small baby steps.

Between Thursday, May 8th and Wednesday, June 4th, there will be the longest flux of the month. It will be the two relatively small planets of Mercury and Venus, and they will give us a slow, helping energy. During these four weeks it's almost obligatory to start dating; visit parks and spend time in nature; do fun things! Those who were frustrated by not having a partner for so long are going to have a big chance to meet someone. Try to build such a relationship slower than you would instinctively feel like doing or want to do, because the effect of the flux can be a start with a huge blast and then collapse quickly. Slow down. Don't rush things, and it should all be fine.

Friday, May 9th, is again a day that we have all been waiting for, for a long time! :) On this day, the Grand Cross that has been there since April 9th gets dissolved. This past month of April is considered by astrologers to be the hardest month of this year, and we have all experienced that it was full of conflicts, rushing and rumbling. From this day on, these things start to smoothe out, and a process of rehabilitation starts slowly.

Between Friday, May 9th and Wednesday, May 14th, another flux will cause an effect of fear due to our sudden freedom. The gates are finally open here. We could go, but our eyes shut quickly due to the sudden bright light. We do go, but we take tentative steps. During these few days we may feel ourselves distracted, unsure, sleepy and slow in our thoughts, communication and actions.

Between Sunday, May 11th and Tuesday, May 20th, another flux will help us repair our dysfunctional relationships. It can also mean that some couples may break up or that some friendships will end; but only those that are not meant to last any longer. Try to use these days to go to dancing lessons; to the cinema or to the theater; live an extensive social life now.

Tuesday, May 13th is a great day to have a baby; have some health surgery; or get emotional therapy to heal and clean things from the past.

Between Tuesday, May 13th and Friday, May 23rd, we may want to 'consume' the things that had been restricted to us in the first part of the year, actually from last November-December. We will feel as if we haven't eaten for days and now we want to eat all at once. If a new relationship is about to evolve, try not to rush things. Don't have such high expectations of the other person. Try to slow down a bit in every part of your life...and be prudent.

On Wednesday, May 14th, yet another flux of the former Grand Cross will dissolve. It will further enhance our sense of comfort and liberation. It will make our relations even smoother; solve some of our struggles and gain back our well-being in every sense of the word.

Thursday, May 15th can be a really intense day in terms of relationships. It can be double-edged: for some people old relationships can end but for others, new ones can begin.

On Tuesday, May 20th, planet Mars proceeds in its antagonistic sign of Libra. It had been going retrograde there since the beginning of March, causing us trouble, discomfort and insecurity. It will still be in Libra until the and of July, but its effect will be waaaaaay more moderate than it was during March and April.

On Wednesday, May 21st, the Sun enters Gemini. It always delivers the energies of flow or activity. Try to spend as much time with your friends as you can. Have long conversations. Be very active. It will help us get rid of the 'rust' we developed during the long months of 'captivity'.
On the same day, another flux of the former Grand Cross will dissolve; another chain will fall off, and we can feel ourselves even more free.

Between Thursday, May 22nd and Thursday, May 29th, some new relationships that have just begun could get shaky; and also, those who have been struggling to let go of each other can now gain the courage to do it. For those planning to have a baby, it's good to take a break from the "trying for a baby" this week.

Between Friday, May 23rd and Monday, June 2nd, we again could feel that the freedom we just got is too much for us. Due to our not being able to handle it we can say or do something that may hurt someone we care about, and thus hurt ourselves in the end. An analogy would be: a prisoner regains his freedom but he's not able to assimilate in the normal world and so he commits a new crime just to be taken back to prison again. The jail cell is small and uncomfortable but this is the home we have known for a long time. Be brave! Do something constructive. Dare to explore the unknown. Don't repeat patterns that don't work. If you've tried it for the tenth time and it still won't work, do something very new and bold instead!

Saturday, May 24th is a very beneficial day to perform some kind of a ritual; to pray or to take a spiritual course or do spiritual excercises. Wherever we will be or whatever we'll be doing, try to consecrate the day somehow because very-very deep and holy energies will be present during the day.

Between Sunday, May 25th and Friday, June 6th, we will feel that we've finally got ourselves back again after the long months of the first part of the year. It will be clear for us that we are now free, strong, and we can achieve what we want and it's worth going for it. Be very active. Do everything in the external world that you can and that you must – it's success time!

Wednesday, May 28th can again be a perfect day to go on a date or try to have a baby. Do something pleasant and joyful on this day. Give yourself a hug and embrace others too!

On Thursday, May 29th, the planet Venus enters Taurus, which is a really positive thing because this is one of the signs where it is at 'home'. It will help consolidate our lives. It can stabilize our newly-formed relationships and will give us the season of harvesting. It's time to rest and enjoy what we've worked for in the last few months.

On Sunday, June 1st, another flux of the former Grand Cross dissolves, enhancing our sense of harmony and well-being even more. It will help those who are planning to buy/sell a property; to move; or those who want to take the next step regarding a relationship, family-wise or having a child. The familiar mode of struggle will clearly vanish from this day forward and we will be able to proceed at full-throttle.

We will see that the gates which were closed are now opening up and the restrictions we have been experiencing on a physical, emotional and mental level will now be over. Still, as you gain your freedom try to reach back to the lessons you learnt during those slower months so that you will be able to keep some control over the energies. As these effects start speeding up you may find yourself getting afraid of falling off that horse. So hold on tightly to the reins and go with the flow. Slow the processes slightly, but don't hold back completely. Everything will be fine. Everything will be taken care of. During a horse ride you don't need to keep grabbing the horse's legs and keep on lifting them; likewise, the events will be happening. All you have to do is just give them tiny nudges when and where they are needed. Let's try to enjoy ourselves – after those long 'winter' months, we absolutely deserve it! :)


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