Astrological prediction for April, 2014

The beginning of March has accelerated the energies that were stuck for the last few months during wintertime. After the long 'sleeping' process everything started evolving, we started to gain new ideas in our lives. New things also started to appear for us, but now we tend to look at them as if we were not the ones who had called for them. Suddenly everything we wished for is here.

From the end of March we will be feeling a force that is transforming and pushing us. It's like the birth process: we are being pushed and pulled. It's noisy. It's messy. We feel uncomfortable, yet at the same time we want to remain where we are but come out as well. At last we will be born, and initially we won't be able to handle our newly-gained strength. We will then receive ease and we will calm down. This will be the dynamics of April, and we have one and only one thing to do: let it happen. The rest will be taken care of by the Universe!

Between Wednesday, March 26th and Sunday, April 6th, we can feel powerful conflicts within ourselves. We may feel an urge to redefine ourselves even if it sets off a confrontation with our loved ones.
There will also be a strong will to be "unique" and stay true to one's "self". It's best if we pay attention to our own selves and not mind others' business. This week and a half week will only be about us and we will need this privacy to get prepared for the month of April.

Simultaneously, between March 27th and April 7th we can come up with new ideas, but to actually manifest them or to see how effective they are, we will have to wait.

Wednesday, April 2nd will be the zenith of these earlier effects. We might feel like we're The Hulk, so if we live in a "fragile" environment, I would suggest going away to the cottage or going to a forest or going for a run in a field. Since most of us are surrounded by others in our everyday lives, the best thing to do would be to avoid all personal contact with them. It's best if we can retreat into our own world.

Thursday, April 3rd will be a significant day: the energies that gave a boost in March to our social connections and relationships will slow down a bit, after the refreshing glimpse we got of our outer world, the focus is on ourselves again. – Not as much as in the winter months, but rather in a more worldly, 'selfish' way.
Another cease of a flux will also help settle things in our external world and will also give ease to the 'therapy-mood' which started at the end of March/the beginning of April.
This day is perfect for baby projects; to connect with our inner child; or for fasting and detoxification. Planetary effects will also have us stay in a passive state without big actions. The beginning of April will be all about "ME" and not about personal connections with others.

From Saturday, April 5th to Sunday, April 13th, the gates finally open from our "Self-World" to the outside connections with others. People may see us as rough and unwieldy or awkward and we may even verify this by trying to force the opposite opinion on them. Don't push anything. If we need to contact someone, we can, but otherwise we should still try to mind our own business.

On Sunday, April 6th, Venus enters Pisces. This will heal personal relations/relationships, but it can also give an uncertain feeling, especially to new couples. This is also a part of our 'private journey ' which began in the last week of March.

Monday, April 7th will also cause a few effects at once:
The Sun's alignment ceases with Uranus. This alignment caused us to feel combative and selfish. Now the ceasing will help us calm down and become more social again.
We can feel a new kind of strength in our acts and thoughts from this day on, but we need to stay centred and not let it carry us away.
If anyone has an operation booked for this day or has plans to move, it's best if you reschedule.
Until April 16th Neptune and Venus are in alignment. This can calm the energies from back in December and the beginning of March that caused women to impulsively go a little crazy; let loose, escape or "bolt out the door". We can now feel more comfortable and cozy in our lives.

Tuesday, April 8th will bring powerful, expansive energies which will ring in April's main effects.

Between Wednesday, April 9th and Friday, May 9th, for one month, there will be a so-called Grand Cross between the planets. There are two types of expansive fluxes which can test us: one is 180 degrees and the other is 90 degrees between two planets. Now for one month our sky will have four 90-degree fluxes and two 180- degree fluxes. Other sources are naming the month of April, the "Sky War" and "the toughest month of the year". I tend to agree.
It is very important to understand what will be happening here. From the end of November to the beginning of March, we were like a seed planted in soil or a cocoon waiting to become a butterfly. In the beginning of March the seed/cocoon cracked and a lot of people were delighted, but some were alarmed and wanted to turn back into being their safe, but pressured, closed selves. At the end of March we started to move through the crack like a baby chick inside an egg chipping away to break through the shell and in April it is time to shed the protective confines of this eggshell which we are used to. The real dilemma will be about how to keep the past while also having a future. Everyone knows the answer: we cannot do that.

We have a lot of energy stuck in our past which we would need for our future and those who don't want to let go of things and emotions stuck in the past will be very tense during this time. To be frank, everyone will feel uptight; but those who are willing to transform into something new, something more or something bigger may feel uncomfortable. However, after the metamorphosis, they will get their lives back. Whoever understands this and is willing to act accordingly will go through the pain of birth, but will be transformed into something more and even better as a newborn.

Between Friday, April 11th and Thursday, April 17th, another planetary effect will cause these "birth pains" -- the state of a new beginning. We want to come out of the old patterns because they are too tight and uncomfortable, but our strength and bravery won't be fully there...yet.

At the same time, from Saturday, April 12th to Thursday, April 17th, another planetary effect will cause us to focus on renewal, birth and letting go of things from our past.

Between Sunday, April 13th and Wednesday, April 23rd, we may feel alarmed from this rebirth and ascending but we risk falling back to a lower 'animalistic' level. This can manifest in too much eating, aggressive behaviour or acting egocentric. This is a way of buying time for ourselves to delay our ascension, but it's better to let things happen and be a part of the process by being cultured and gentle and just be 'reborn'.

On Sunday, April 20th, the Sun enters Taurus. This may consolidate the seething energies that have been affecting us since the 9th, but at the same time this relief can also 'make us fall asleep'. The metamorphosis is until May 9th, so we should use this period of ease to integrate as much of the past as we can, like things we don't use anymore; in our surrounding physical world and also in therapy.
Beside these effects, the Moon will move on to one of the vertices of the cross so we could feel queasy.

Between Sunday, April 20th and Tuesday, April 29th, this merging of energies can smooth out our relationships and personal connections on a new level. We still need to focus on ourselves, our inner improvement and our 'rebirth', but we can keep an eye on our relationships and see the harmony coming back into our lives.

From Monday, April 21st until Wednesday, April 30th, we can feel half-way out of our shell. At the same time we break free of our surroundings we may say things we don't mean or act irresponsibly and immaturely like a child who is exploring the world but is not yet fully aware of his/her actions and the power of words, acts and thoughts.

Monday, April 21st can also be considered a zenith, the top, because on this day the orthogonal triangle which has been in the sky for months between the big planets of Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter will be exact. After this day the process started on the 9th of April will not yet be so powerful, however it still will be there.

Tuesday, April 22nd and Wednesday, April 23rd will be the top point of the process that began April 9th because on this day the Grand Cross will be exact.

Wednesday, April 23rd will also bring an ease for us with Mercury proceeding into Taurus. Here we can calm down verbally, with our thoughts and also with our acts but we may feel the boundaries of our physical world more intensely. Things can slow down, which will be good for us, but we can feel bored or powerless, too.

Thursday, April 24th will again be a perfect day to plan babies and to heal our inner child or rest and recharge ourselves.

Between Thursday, April 24th and Tuesday, April 29th, we can continue to relax and recharge ourselves after the 'storms' of March.

Friday, April 25th will be a great day to hold group meetings with women; to meet up with ladies, girlfriends; to talk and spend time together; and for everyone, to rest or go to a healing session and relax. This day can also have a melancholic, drowsy effect on some of us.

Sunday, April 27th may cause troubled feelings and this is why it's best if we use the Friday before as a resting day.

Between Sunday, April 27th and Friday, May 2nd, powerful healing energies will start their work and everything 'Newly-born' inside of us will settle and move into place. This period is great for baby planning. Within this time period, the best, most helpful days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday April 28th, 29th and 30th. It's good to spend a lot of time with family, parents; take a vacation or go out in the wilderness.

Saturday, May 3rd will bring another flux that I've been waiting for and what I feel we needed in the past few weeks. This effect will bring back Spirituality, Order and the Higher Good in our lives.
On this same day, Venus enters Aries. On a higher level this means the beginning of a new relationship, the re-forming of the old; filling it with energy and also the birth of harmony.
On a lower level, it causes women to act more like men and this will also be powered by Mars as it goes retrograde in Libra from March to May. It's recommended for women not to cut their hair short and to skip gyms for a while. It's good to note that if we want something desperately; the stronger we want it and the more impatient we get, the further we will be from our goal. This is especially true and will be very important in the second half of the year.

Try to do a lot of inner work; clean yourself as much as you can. This will truly be a metamorphosis, and we are establishing the foundations right now for something bigger, when Jupiter enters Leo in summer. Focus on yourselves as others don't exist. Let everything go physically and emotionally that cannot be used anymore. If you do it properly you will be surprised as you take a look in the mirror in May, and see the new person looking back from there. :)

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