Astrological prediction for March, 2014

YES! The time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. :D At last, Jupiter - also known as the Great Benefactor - starts moving forward! It has been going backwards since November 2013, which took away the feelings of faith, belief, goodness and progress from our lives. From March 6th, Jupiter will be giving positive and helping energies to support us, as if our rich uncle has arrived and unpacked his suitcase full of gifts for us!

March will be very intense in many ways. There will be lots of active fluxes everyday during the month, so we can easily forget about the times in December and January when we had that bad feeling as if we were stuck in one place. Things will definitely start moving this month.

After weeks and months of waiting, Jupiter is proceeding in Cancer, which is responsible for topics of Motherhood, Marriage, Living Together and everything that has to do with "Home" and "Nest". As a result, our Relationships can be more harmonious with whomever March 6th finds at our side. We can smoothe out our relationships with our family members, especially our mother; and those who are planning to emigrate can get a green light after the long winter wait.

Between Thursday March 6th and Saturday, the 29th - almost throughout the whole month - a very powerful flux will be healing and soothing our soul from the bruises and hurts that the last 2-3 months have caused us. Not only will we have time to heal, but this month will finally help us get whatever we long for! All we need to do is ask for it!

But how do we really know what's good for us from a global, objective point of view?! How many times did we really want something and then when we finally got it we realized that it was only our ego and pride making us want it, or that we only needed it to heal a bad memory; a trauma from our past? Well, two other planetary effects remind us to be careful what we wish for:
On Sunday, March 2nd Mars goes retrograde in Libra. As it entered Libra in December, it drove everyone crazy. Women were especially affected by it, and in January and February it caused a lot of couples to break up as well as causing lots of conflicts. Now that it's moving backwards it can make us become uncertain in many ways such as when we finally have the chance to get going or to start something, having everything we need to make it happen, we suddenly panic and freeze.

This is also caused by planet Saturn as it starts going retrograde in Scorpio the next day, on Monday, March 3rd. Scorpio means the parts of us we've forgotten or swept under the rug, and this can also mean parts from our past lives. Things we can't or we don't want to confront. Saturn has been bringing these to the surface for us since 2012, so we can see them and heal them. This day will be like a plow that digs deeply into these parts of us after a few months of rest.

Can you sense this beautiful collaboration? This symphonic order of energies? Three days after Saturn, the "Great Malefactor" starts going backwards into our muddy depths, Jupiter, the "Big Helper", also known as "The Great Benefactor" starts moving forward to restore harmony and faith in our soul, emotions, family and life! And anything else the Planet of Luck will bring into your life depends only on you!! Those who already know me know that I can be chased out of the room with typical slogans like: "You create your own world.", but in this case this IS exactly what will happen! After March 6th, everything you need will be given for your happiness, and what will appear in your world is going to be up to you!

Jupiter, like a sailing ship, sets off in Cancer, but you have to decide if you will finally untie the ropes of your past or not. If you do untie them, you will travel on the sailing ship as the wind caresses your cheeks and blows into your hair. If you choose not to untie them, the ship will set sail anyway, whipping out the piles on the shore.

No worries, the time has come and you WILL get EVERYTHING you wished for, all you need to do is let go of your past and clean the skeletons out of your closet.

Between Monday, February 24th, and Thursday, March 6th we can feel so much better and calmer with every part of our soul. The negative effects of the last two and a half months finally have a chance to ease and get rehabilitated, preparing us for the big take-off in March.

On Sunday, March 2nd, Mars goes retrograde in Libra. This can give a final blow to relationships that are not working anymore and those that are not meant for marriage, childbirth or to have a future. It also draws attention from big groups of friends, parties and trendy living to smaller and more intimate grounds in our lives and family, so we can focus on traditional and more classical values.

During Sunday, March 2nd through to Tuesday, March 4th, we may feel discomfort, so let's take a deep breath and go through it, this will be the last obstacle before March 6th.

Between Sunday, March 2nd and Sunday, March 16th, we might be thinking a lot about the traumas and bad experiences we had gone through in the past weeks, months or even years. Let's not plan our future just yet. Our thoughts will be in the past, trying to clean up and integrate things that aren't there any longer or aren't worth keeping.

On Monday, March 3rd, Saturn starts going retrograde in Scorpio (until July 19th). With these energies...well...let's just say, "We won't need to go to our neighbour for things to work on." But before you start to panic, this will be very different than the one in 2013, this time it won't cause that torturing feeling. The energies will help and prepare a space for us to grow, to create our "grown up", "adult" life. For those who aren't willing to give up the old and useless things of their past, they will only have a rough time of it. Ex-relationships; parents who have passed away; friendships that don't work...we have to get rid of thoughts and concerns about these -- everything -- in order to become present in our lives, so we can grow in the NOW.

Thursday, March 6th, planet Jupiter begins to move forward in Cancer. This will very much give a boost to our lives! As with a fairy godmother, whatever we wish for will be given to us. The purer our purposes and our inner world are (and this is why I always mentioned since November how important it is to work on ourselves, do inner healing and therapy as much as possible), the easier it will be for good things to appear and proceed in our lives. If you happen to get something that you don't like or you can't enjoy, you can't complain; this one really only depends on you and your own work, the energy you put into it.

We also have the planet Venus moving from Capricorn to Aquarius on Thursday, March 6th. Venus means our Relationships, Friendships, all the joy in our life and Capricorn stands for the lack or loss of something. While Venus was in Capricorn since November, it caused a lot of stress and conflicts, it also caused relationships and friendships to end and made it hard for singles to meet the right person. From this day on, Venus moves to the zodiac sign of Future, Plans and Perspectives; therefore its effects will soothe us and comfort us.

Between Thursday, March 6th and Saturday, March 29th, throughout the complete month, a very powerful and helping flux will heal our soul and all the hurt we experienced from the past 2-3 months.

Between Saturday, March 8th and Tuesday, March 18th, a reforming flux will help us with a stable base we can build on and make plans from...for you see, the Universe pulled the trigger on the 6th and this process we're going through is the barrel as it forms and leads the powerful energies to target the right spot.

Besides all of the above we might still feel lonely or we might require some time alone so we can be with ourselves between Saturday, March 8th and Wednesday, March 12th. This will be good for us, it can help fill us up with energy and give us strength in a beneficial way.

On Sunday, March 9th, another flux ceases which caused us a lot of disappointment, pain and hurt in our relationships with others. We will be able to find a more sensitive, peaceful approach amongst each other.

Between Monday, March 10th and Tuesday, March 18th, our thoughts and actions can meet with our goals and perspectives. We can clearly see and feel: what, why, how and with whom we would like, and we also have the power to take action accordingly.

Between Wednesday, March 12th and Sunday, March 23rd, a newer flux will become active which can help us find our partner, shape our lives in a way we might have not planned before, but also make it happier and much more effective. We may get a lot of help from the outside world also during these days.

Besides all of this, Monday, March 17th can be a very intense day. It can also be a breaking up or fighting-kind-of-day; the kind we might recall from what we experienced in January and February. It is best if we keep our heads down, mind our own business and peacefully let this day pass.

On Tuesday, March 18th, Mercury proceeds from Aquarius to Pisces. This reminds us not to overthink things, our life, our goals. The saying, "Trust the Universe" is very important today, but at the same time it is good to focus on our self-healing with our mind and acts. Observe life in a Taoist way -- calmly, pay attention to the flow of your outside world, and persist in working on your inner world.

The days between Tuesday, March 18th and Tuesday, March 25th will be a perfect week for letting go of our old patterns and energies; to tune up, clean off things that aren't working well anymore and to gain energy for ourselves. We may feel a bit drowsy, tired or even gloomy during this time. The first half of this year will be about letting go and finding old values, so it is important that we practise a state of passivity or remain inactive -- only in the best sense of the word.

Wednesday, March 19th is a perfect day for baby-making. :) Those with this purpose in mind should utilize the given powerful energies of this day, and for those who are not planning to get pregnant, you should be careful.

On Friday, March 21st, the Sun enters Capricorn. In every ancient culture that took nature's laws into consideration this was New Year's Day. It's beneficial to make vows, start a new project and free ourselves from things that we don't need anymore and that are not working.
On the same day, another flux ceases which might have made us feel disconcerted, or have greedy, selfish, egoistic feelings.

Saturday, March 22nd will also be a very important day. The period of deep therapy which started back in October of 2012, and which may have caused us to feel weary and tired will get a great power surge of relief, but we still need to keep in mind to stay humble and keep ourselves on track even though we're not 'supervised' like we were before; otherwise we can easily become hedonistic or egoistic.
This planetary effect may also help us find our Love, so it's worth putting more energy into getting to know new people and start dating from this day onwards.

Monday, March 24th might also cause conflicts with others. We can have problems on the inside as well as on the outside too, so it's best to stay under the radar again.

Between Monday, March 24th and Monday, March 31st is a very good time to pay our respect to our parents, if they are alive and also if they aren't; to pay attention to our inner-child and the parts that need healing. This is also a very powerful week for baby-planning.

Between Tuesday, March 25th and Thursday, April 3rd, newly-started relationships might break up, and we might also notice about ourselves that we are so used to the state of feeling like a warrior that we can secretly, subconsciously block ourselves from happiness with our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Between Tuesday, March 25th and Wednesday, April 2nd, in addition to what could happen as outlined above, we may also yearn for our past, ex-Relationship, and we may also get back in contact with long-lost friends or people we haven't seen in a while. It is best if we use our past to learn from it and build experience and not to escape our problems in the present. We need to keep this in mind, because this is a big part of what the first half of 2014 will be about. If we asked for something, we need to undertake it instead of running back to our old patterns that never worked.

Between Friday, March 28th and Monday, April 7th we will go through a rebirth and metamorphosis. What has passed is gone; we have to look ahead like a student who just finished third grade and is already a fourth grader. His memories and his knowledge are that of a third grader's, but he is now committed as a fourth grader. Don't look back! Do so (a little bit) only if you really must, but from now on it's all about moving forward!!

Friday and Saturday, March 28th and 29th are both good days again to spend time with parents, settle things from our childhood, and also for moving and/or baby-planning.

Sunday, March 30th will be intense, so it is best to stay alone quietly and peacefully and just let the rest of the world run on its own pace. We shouldn't interfere with things; instead, it's best that we just go for a walk and mind our own business.

Monday, March 31st brings more healing, and helping fluxes will be active which will mainly help organize our child-parts and can also help in baby-planning.

So, during this month of March, powerful energies will begin. These energies could cause us to feel as if we were pushing, pushing, pushing against a brick wall and then suddenly...the wall vanishes! Let's prepare for March 6th properly: slow down a few days beforehand; do some self-examination of what our true plans, goals, desires and needs are, and especially how, and with whom we mean to reach them. What do we want? Who's going to be with us on our journey and will be celebrating with us when we get to our destination?
The ship sets off, a set of actions start to happen, but it is very important that whatever we need to let go of, we let go! This might even mean letting go of 80-90 percent in some people's lives, because we tend to pile up a lot from our past. If something works, it will be there to stay, if not, let it go!

Those who spent the winter months on self-improvement will notice that they created space in their life to fill with greater and better things. Those who didn't spend time on self-improvement will still get the same opportunity, however, since their space is still crowded, there isn't too much room for new things to come into their life. They might end up with tension and worries. The only person who can change this is YOU! Accordingly, clean up and free up some space in your life. If you free yourself of clutter, newer and greater things will come. Just be thankful for whatever you get!


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