If we want to do a prediction for any long term period, the best and most useful way is to check the position of the so-called 'slow planets'. These planets are the ones in our solar system that stay for at least a year in the zodiac sign. The sign provides the 'home' for the effects while the planet brings its dynamic energies to make it into reality. If we examine them both, we can easily predict the nature of the forthcoming periods.
In the last few weeks many people asked me to make their prediction for 2014. In every case we could see that this year is going to provide huge changes, rearrangements and it will help us set our goals; basically it will have a positive edge. For almost everyone, the last 3-5 years were full of insecurities and losses. The year 2014 will be the period when these energies and happenings calm down, start to take shape and build up our lives so that from 2015 we will be fully able to enjoy the new results and accomplishments!

When I took a look at the slow planets in the solar system I saw the same process. The Grand Transformation goes on. In 2013 and before that, it had a really mixed up effect in almost everyone's life. For those spending the last few years focused on inner work and not giving up hope, this year will be the time to reap the rewards.

If we look back from the future, we would have to say that the year of 2014 will seem like a peaceful era. The differences will be bigger and bigger between people in terms of financial status, consciousness and many other things. Extremes will come to the forefront; these things have already begun but as we proceed in time, everything will seem, and be more 'black or white' instead of grey. It makes it really important to set our goals and aims properly, because what we intend to accomplish in 2014 will have a huge impact on our future. The choice and the departure will be significant, determining the road after that will happen rather automatically and quickly.


Basically, we do not consider the planet Mars a slow planet, but thanks to a rare occurence it will stay in its energetic opposition, Libra, for 8 months, from December 7th, 2013 to July 25th, 2014.
This will emphasize differences a lot, as I mentioned above. It will have its effects mostly on Relationships, gender roles, human culture, and being cultured. Mars conveys dynamic, forceful but uncontrolled energies, and Libra means its opposite, with pale, graceful, dainty qualities and harmony.

In these eight months, Mars in Libra will speed up the disappearance of clear gender roles and soften masculine, testosterone-fuelled energies. More and more instances of people 'coming out of the closet' will happen and the number of metrosexual males will increase very rapidly over time. Even with women it will have a harsh effect. They will become more and more careerist, dominant; in some cases aggressive and offensive. This process already started in December and I have observed it in the form of offensive comments, fights on the internet and even in real life.

Libra also signifies Relationship. Mars brings momentum into it, and can manifest in two ways. Those Relationships that do not work or are not ready to develop and proceed may be separated by the force of Mars. Those Relationships that are working will be lifted up to new levels such as Marriage, Childbirth and such things. It's just like switching on the ignition. If the engine is properly set, the car starts moving and we proceed; but if it was not stable, it may fall apart, even explode. Very interesting, like a symphony, that Mars in Libra prepares the stage for a stronger and more significant planet:

June 25th, 2013 – July 15th, 2014 – Cancer
July 16th, 2014 – August 11th, 2015 – Leo

Jupiter is the Great Benefactor; wherever it goes it brings Prosperity, Luck and Success to that field. It is similar to driving a Ferrari on a clear, smooth and unobstructed highway. It entered Cancer on June 25th, 2013, which represents Home, Marriage, Motherhood and Family. Its effect will boost these areas of our lives and the best thing to do would be to bring our focus and energies to them. Jupiter will stay in Cancer till July 15th, 2014, so this year that it is here is a great opportunity for us to settle, find peace, move, immigrate, get married, and have a child. It's really important to find our way back to these ancient qualities for if we do not do so we will miss a lot of chances to stabilize our lives, because Jupiter will next be in Cancer only in about another 10 years from now.

As it enters Leo it will help us grow up and integrate ourselves. For many people it will mean that they find their spouse, home or have their child by then.
But since Jupiter and Leo are also fire-like qualities, this period can make people more and more hypocritical without noticing it; and demanding of things without doing anything in exchange. We might feel that the way we act is not good, but we may be too proud to admit it or change our attitude. Humility and diligence will be such virtues that we will have to remind ourselves to act upon them every day from summertime onwards. If we are able to stay grounded nothing will be able to stop us, and we will feel huge powers from within!


Saturn represents the opposition with regard to Jupiter; wherever it is, the energies slow down; they freeze, and it makes us examine, settle and organize the area in which it's. Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5th, 2012 and it will be there until December 23rd, 2014. (It will also be in Scorpio during the summer of 2015 due to its retrograde movement, but that won't have such a significant effect.) Scorpio represents the parts of our lives that we are unwilling or unable to deal with and integrate because they are so hurtful and/or fear-inducing. When the 'Great Maleficar' entered the sign of Scorpio it mixed up many aspects and areas of our lives; mostly those that we were not able to clear for sooooooo many years, even for lifetimes. For some it is his/her Relationship, family issues, career, or money matters; it can be any or all of them – Saturn made us face these issues and made the last 15 months really harsh and unstable.

As we saw above, Saturn will still be in Scorpio during 2014. Thus, throughout 2014, it will give us the task to keep on restoring order in our lives, almost in every aspect of it. The effect will be smoother thoughout 2014, because it won't come as suddenly as it did in October, 2012, and we'll be pretty much used to it. As Saturn proceeds deeper and deeper in Scorpio, its effect will be more and more helpful, and we will be experiencing the rearrangement of our lives. Everything will fall into place by Christmas of 2014. We will still face situations that can be painful and we may feel that we are unable to solve them, but it won't be as harsh as it was in the previous year. We start going upwards with the wave, and as things come up to face us, we will be able to let them go. It's similar to when we eat something bad; first we are trying hard not to feel sick and throw it up. We fight it, but then we realize that it's better to let it out of us and we head to the bathroom. We feel relieved. We realize that it needs to go through us. We need to go through it, and after that everything will be the same, but feel easier.
If you keenly keep on working on yourselves during 2014 in terms of therapy and meditation, you will enter 2015 as someone who is reborn, stronger, more mature and integrated!


Uranus will be in Aries during 2014. Aries signifies the beginning of something, it represents strength and departure. Uranus represents aims, future, perspectives and ideas. Since 2011, when Uranus entered Aries, we've been experiencing a big change, a shift that is necessary in our lives but somehow it just does not want to come. We have been feeling insecure and perplexed. As Uranus proceeds in Aries it helps us more and more to set our goals, and we will see more clearly which way we want to head in our lives. Still, there can be waffling back and forth during 2014, which is mostly caused by Saturn in Scorpio. As it enters Sagittarius we will feel as if we were a launched rocket, but it will only be from Christmas of 2014. At the same time Uranus will help us plan our lives, but we have to stay patient and tenacious in case something doesn't happen during the first attempt.
Let's just enjoy this kind of excitement as things start to form, as they unfold by themselves during 2014. The good news is that even if we don't do anything, our lives will still step up; the fire-like energies of Aries and Uranus will take care of it. :)


From February, 2012, Neptune is in its own zodiac sign, Pisces. During 2014 it will still be there, going deeper and deeper into it. Therefore we will experience that our inner power, intuitions and healing power will significantly grow. At the same time, Pisces and Neptune can mean solitude, melancholy, and hopelessness from a lower aspect. Those not willing to explore their inner world and capabilities may feel aimless and more and more separated from others. Those taking the 'risk' by proceeding in this wonderful inner journey will discover great new depths and abilities within themselves. As Neptune goes deeper and deeper in Pisces this process will be more spontaneous and more widespread worldwide. More and more people will awaken to new possibilities and realities, but also more people will try to cling to their 'old world order' of doing things; the differences will be intensifying due to this effect, too.
Try to attend healing courses during 2014; learn new techniques; meditate a lot; and do charitable deeds. Look for silence, privacy and serenity more than usual, and actively take part in the discovery process of your inner worlds. It will fulfill us with vast amounts of strength, wisdom and goodness.


The last slow planet, Pluto, will still be in Capricorn during 2014. As it approached Capricorn in 2008-2009 we experienced the old (financial) world order collapsing like a house of cards; many people's lives are still full of insecurities and scarcities from that time.
Capricorn represents the foundation of our lives, and the layers and shields that we developed to protect ourselves as a child. Pluto signifies complete resurrection, transformation. As it will still be in Capricorn during 2014, it enhances that we must not try to achieve complete security, stability; we have to stay flexible, flowing. It highlights that we need to realize that we are independent adults, so those walls we built back in our childhood are not necessary anymore. Moreover they are only hindering us from achieving our goals and being effective. Try to realize this during 2014, and grow up completely. Just as you are building a house; the scaffolding is very useful throughout the building process, but once the house is done and complete there is no longer any use for it.

So, during 2014, for those who are not integrated yet, we will have to break down these inner walls and layers. If we do so, we will see a huge surprise: we will realize that holding back things and energies does not help our lives. What helps, is to observe them thoroughly; examine and get rid of the things that are not needed anymore -- both internally and externally. Put down your masks, shields and old habits during 2014. The motto should be: "Less is more". Don't pay attention to hype and marketing, and try not to acquire more things. Buy and get only as much as you need, but no more than that. Try to rediscover those values that are not modern and trendy, but timeless and eternal. The keywords coming from Pluto in Capricorn are: simplicity, humbleness, modesty.

Examining the planetary effects during 2014 we see that the pressure we experienced in 2013 will be ceasing more and more. Everything will fall into its place gradually, but the real harvesting period is from this year's Christmastime. Let things proceed in their own way... only this can give us success! Those still trying to control and manipulate events and people will feel lonely and isolated.
Those paying more and more attention to their inner world, healing and integrating things within, while also living a cultured life modestly, will be fulfilled with gratitude, happiness and inner values. Try to get back to ancient and timeless values throughout 2014, and everything will be fine!

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