Astrological prediction for January, 2014

The month of January will feel as if we’re about to enter a swimming pool. We are really excited to dive in, but as water touches our feet, we stop. We take a short rest, and then take a few steps. The water reaches the level of our belly, and we stop. Then we proceed. It reaches our neck, and we stop. Then we start swimming without any problem; in this case the swimming pool is our life.

Such stopping and starting energies will be active throughout January. It’s going to be a nice month, basically stable, but there will be days when we really need to be attentive because of some very span fluxes. If we are going to be patient, and don’t force things; not want them sooner than we are ready for them and just wait for them to become ‘ripe’, then everything will be fine.

The first two days of the year,  January 1st  and  2nd  should be about serenity, silence and introspection. These two days will be a very rare and special occasion because five out of the ten planets will be in Capricorn. It will really emphasize stopping and elaboration. Meanwhile further fluxes will affect these five planets: if we try to be really active, we’ll feel as if we’re being pushed up against a wall. So rather, it’s better to take a rest during these two days and pay attention to our inner world.

January 5th , Sunday  will have our life beginning in a more wordly  manner. Besides, we might experience a feeling as if something noble and auspicious had faded away after the sensations of the last few weeks. It’s a good thing though, since the last few months made us feel as if we were living the life of a monk.

On Monday January 6th , further fluxes help us to see more clearly with regard to our Relationship; to know and understand more -- what, why, how and with whom we want. After the asceticism that started in the middle of December ceases we can start socializing again and enjoy our lives. We can now stop looking back to our past and childhood patterns, and for those who want to move house or move to another location, they can do so from this day onward.

Wednesday, January 8th  may feel like a cold shower for some of us. Eight planets out of ten will be in some malefic flux, so emotionally it can be a really mixed up-feeling day. Try not to relate with others or engage with others too much during the day.

Wednesday and Thursday, January 8th and 9th can be hard days as a result of other aspects too, mostly in terms of emotions, family and social factors. It's best not to make decisions on the future of our Relationships on this day; nor about moving or other emotion-related business. So the flux causing this will be spanest on January 8th and 9th when it can be affecting things right until Wednesday, January 18th but its effects will be diminished by then.

On Sunday January 12th , planet Mercury enters Aquarius, leaving Capricorn. Capricorn means bondage, stopping, obstacles and introversion. Mercury means our thinking, communication and deeds. From this day on we can feel ourselves more free, creative, full with perspectives and aims. The ideas will come more easily but we still have to wait to turn them into reality – so just try to be patient.

January 17th  and  18th Friday  and  Saturday  will be the second ‘cold shower phase’ of the month. Again some fluxes can mix us up emotionally and personally. What we said above about  January 8th  and 9th, the same things apply.

Between Sunday, January  19th  and Sunday February  16th , there will be a test of Relationships. In many cases this will be the period that decides who will be able to get along and whose common life will end. Those already in Relationship will experience deep conversations and a need for setting everything in order, nice and and neatly; until we do that the future together may be blurry and unclear.

Those who are about to start dating or enter a new Relationship will find the unfolding of the events very ’karmic’, and will be rather full of work and therapy instead of a ‘walk in the park’. So those not in Relationship yet, try to wait until the middle of February before you start dating someone new.

On Monday January 20th,  the Sun enters Aquarius from Capricorn. We will feel as if we have been liberated after a lenghty time of deepness and a kind of ascetism. At least we’ll feel as if we’ve gotten our thoughts and ideas back. We’ll be able to see more clearly which direction we want to take with our lives. It will be a lot easier to make our plans and goals.

Between  Tuesday January 21st , and  Tuesday, the  28th , any Relationship issues will ease up for a week. It will be a time of ceasefire. During this period we will turn our attention from the past and present to the future, and we may start fantasizing about someone else instead of our partner. Those having a working relationship will really enjoy this week, and if we want to start the ‘baby project’, it can be a time of success as well.

Between Wednesday, January 22nd and Wednesday, the 29th, parallel to this, we might experience memories and issues to solve from our childhood again. Just as we’re starting to feel that we are now ready for our adult lives, the new year and a new beginning, something will pop up and say: “I’m here! Pay attention to me! You forgot to integrate me!”

Between Wednesday January 22nd  and Tuesday February 4th , the energies of our lives can accelerate – we gain strength and come up with ideas but it will take a while until they come to fruition.

On Wednesday January 29th , there will be the third act of the harsh energies in this month, but this will be milder than the previous two. On this day we may experience emotional, family and relationship conflicts and inner doubts. Try to relax, cease activities during the day; don’t interact with others too much. Just let the day pass.

Friday, January 31st  will already be a day of positivity, healing and peaceful energies. It will help us to see more clearly with regard to our Relationship and generally, human relations. There might still be small conflicts and doubts but energetically we start raising our vibraton from this day forward.

Those who want to have a baby will have a window of opportunity from this day on and the window will be open for around two weeks, until the middle of February!

All-in-all it will be a month that’s not too harsh but just slightly mixed up. Just as we leave our motorcycle out for winter, the snow covers it for a while, and then we try to ride it again. We ignite it but it stops, it proceeds but then we fall off it. We get back on it but we see it balks at being ridden. We fix it, get back on it, and then it finally proceeds after a while.

Patience  will be the keyword for this month. We have to learn that everything takes time. We can’t rush things. Everything will be there when the right time has come – but not before. It will be like spending time with a toddler. During this month consider our lives like a small child; support, guide and shepherd it, but don’t have too high expectations towards it, yet. As time proceeds it will grow; be more and more effective during February, and also will give us a lot more pleasure and joy!

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