Palm Leaves II

In this article, I’d like to focus on the Palm Leaves from a more personal point of view and share our story: mine and Vera’s. From the moment we encountered Palm Leaves for the first time and had our respective Readings done we have been experiencing such an exciting, fantastic and interesting period. What the Palm Leaves predicted for the both of us manifested in our lives with no exception and this is why I feel strongly that our story needs to be shared. You will be able to get a real sense of the Palm Leaves’ authenticity and how much they can help and give support in one’s life.

I started work at the Hungarian Palm Leaf Centre in September 2010. The company had grown in size and had to relocate to accommodate the expansion. My colleagues and I all found it very exciting and challenging to be able to nurture our talents and creativity towards building something new. Also, I was especially touched to have the opportunity to work with people in India on a daily basis.

The first few weeks were dedicated to establishing the new centre and familiarizing ourselves with the Palm Leaves. Every day brought new learning experiences such as getting used to our Indian colleagues’ accents in their spoken English or how to accomplish our tasks while cramped in a too small room during a twelve-hour shift. 
I had no insight back in those days about the quality of the Readings. I had no reference points to be able to make comparisons and gauge whether a Reading was ‘good’ because it was so profound or whether it was a shallow, superficial one and therefore, ‘bad’. To be honest, after what I’d seen and experienced in those first few months at the centre, the Palm Leaves failed to touch me deeply.

In December of 2010, I became more and more interested in finding my true love, the right life partner. I felt the impulse to ask the leader of the Indian centre to look at my birth chart and if he could tell me who this person would be after doing so. He shocked me with his answer: “In March, you are going to get married.” What?!!? In only four months I would be getting married?!? Even if I had already been coupled with someone, I couldn’t imagine that I would be getting married at such a young age and so soon. He also told me that I would meet “her” at my workplace; that she would be located west of my place and that she would have a sibling. He also mentioned that I would be moving abroad soon and that I would be staying there for at least twenty years.

January 2011 found me really excited and mixed up at the same time. Just imagine me at an airport checkpoint watching and scrutinizing every new person that walked into my workplace. During this time I also began a session of spiritual exercises to ensure that I would be in a clean and noble state when the time had come to meet “her”. In mid-January the management decided to hire a group of call centre employees. I saw twelve  women sitting during an interview process and recalled the prediction from the Indian centre leader. While I continued with my job as a translator of the Readings, I realized that they were of poor quality and because of this I was not interested in getting mine done; perhaps one day in India I could have a Reading done, but not now.

By February there were only a few of the women from the call center left. There was one in particular, Vera, who had an inner quality that attracted me and I felt a stirring deep within me; but her world and her attitude were so different from my own that it was hard for me to imagine that she could actually be The One. However, at the end of February we spent a lot of time together but still in the company of other friends. We started dating in March and the sentence uttered by the Indian centre leader kept echoing in my mind: “In March, you are going to get married.”
I never mentioned this to her but I think she had a strange feeling about us. She knew I was keeping some sort of secret. As our relationship developed, I wondered if “marriage” was not to be taken literally but that I was only meant to meet my future wife in the month of March?!

We kept our relationship to ourselves for the first few weeks. In April, a new Palm Leaf Reader came to the Indian centre and he was much more different than the others working there. He was profound, precise and everything he said gave me goose bumps as well as the person whose leaf was being read. I had a sudden feeling that if a Palm Leaf Reading could be like this, I definitely wanted mine read by him!

Meanwhile, we received news from India that Vera’s Palm Leaf bundles were found and that she could now proceed to her Matching. We were really anxious. The Reader found her Leaf in the second bundle. Your father’s name is this ___. Correct. Your mother’s name is this ___. Correct. You have a twin sister. Correct. Your birthday is this ___ and in ___ year. Correct. You are planning to move abroad in the northwest (!) direction. Correct. And on it went. Then: your partner’s name is Richard. Correct. I was mentioned in her Palm Leaf written two thousand years ago and we had only been a couple for just three weeks then and we had kept our relationship secret! On her Palm Leaf it was also written that I have a teacher’s degree; I used to work in the catering industry; I’m deeply involved in spirituality and my hobby is martial arts. Wow! We were astonished. Now we just had to make another appointment for Vera to have her actual Reading done.

We were even more anxious while we waited for the appointed date and time of Vera’s Reading. Would her Leaf say that we were staying as a couple? What if it didn’t? I am not at liberty to share openly all the details of Vera’s Leaf but I can confirm that she received deep insights about her parents, her present situation (at that time of her Reading) and useful guidelines regarding her future. Vera felt that she could only have a ‘wait and see’ attitude regarding some things that were outlined in her Leaf and that other things described were complete nonsense and impossible. She was also told from her Palm Leaf that she would be getting married in that very same year! We accepted this news laughing hysterically as that particular piece of business was definitely something we both considered complete and utter nonsense.

After witnessing the process and leading up to Vera’s Reading along with being a part of  other people’s experiences with their Palm Leaves, I decided that the time had come to find my own. So I sent my right thumbprint to India and waited. On a day in May 2011, my Matching was done. First bundle - nothing. Second bundle - nothing. Third - nothing. We gave it another try some time later, and still, nothing. How come after interpreting around six hundred Palm Leaves by that time, I didn’t have one? I was thoroughly confused.

Months passed and I put aside finding my Palm Leaf. One day a man walked into our workplace. His Leaf specifically told him that he had to go to India in order to perform some karma cleaning exercises. A colleague asked me to inform the man about India since by then I had already been there three times. The man liked me and the things I had to say. He asked me to accompany him to India and to be his personal guide there.

At the end of September, we three: the man, myself and my girlfriend Vera who decided to join us, were sat on an airplane heading to India. We were travelling hundreds of miles to visit ancient temples and to help the man in performing his rituals.

Upon our arrival at the Indian Palm Leaf centre, I saw a huge picture of Agasthiya Maharishi. He was the saint who wrote most of the Palm Leaves. While gazing at this picture I found myself asking the Reader: “Could we check again if I have a Palm Leaf?”

My thumbprint was taken again and the Reader determined its type and then went to another room where a lot of bundles for other clients were stored. Coincidentally, there was a bundle that matched my thumbprint type. We started to do the Matching process.
The first few Leaves were not a match but then one came with this: You have a relationship. Yes. Currently, sometimes you live with your partner and sometimes you live at your mother’s place. Yes. (That had only been that way for two weeks!) You don’t have a full-time job. Yes. (This was correct because it had just been three weeks that I didn’t have a full-time job!) You have a part-time job that is spiritual in nature. Yes. Your partner’s names is Vera. Yes. Your father’s name is this ___. Yes. Your mother’s name is this ___. Yes. You have an older sister. Yes. She recently gave birth to a boy. Yes. You finished some catering studies. Yes. And so on and so on. And everything matched! We witnessed it with our very own eyes. All the information came from the Leaf. My Leaf was found at long last!

I couldn’t have my Leaf read right away though because we were pressed for time and had to be on the road. But before our departure, the leader of the centre performed a small ritual. Vera, the man we were accompanying, and I participated in the ritual and Vera’s twin sister followed the ritual via Skype.
All of a sudden, the leader had a spontaneous idea to ask Vera to put a garland around my neck and for me to put a garland around hers. When we asked him why he asked us to do this, the leader said that he didn’t really know; that the idea just popped into his head. So, my Leaf had been found but now we had to go away for three days and then once we returned, a Reading could be done.

The tour was fantastic. We saw beautiful temples and we experienced wonderful traditions. While sitting in the car, I asked the leader of the centre who was acting as our tour guide during the trip to call the Reader and to check my Palm Leaf. I wanted to know if there were rituals that I had to perform while I was in India. There were actually four rituals which I had to perform in certain temples while I was there in person. And ‘coincidentally’ all four rituals were to be done in temples that were already part of our itinerary! Apparently, it was rare for someone to perform karma cleaning exercises even before the Main Chapter and actual karma was read.

The man we accompanied to India was also very excited to perform his rituals. His Leaf told him that he would soon have a confrontation with a government office and that if things went wrong it could even result in him being locked up in jail! Two to three weeks after hearing this during his Reading, he received a letter saying that he was facing an investigation by the Revenue Agency. Since this man was very ‘adventurous’ in his business affairs; didn’t conduct himself as a law-abiding citizen and pay his taxes, he expected that if his ‘books’ were to be inspected, not only would he be sent to jail but that he may even be shot in the head. This was the reason why he decided to take the trip to India; to relieve his karma and to do something about it. Before we had arrived in India, investigators had already started auditing his ‘books’. He was in regular communication by phone with his administrative assistant while we were on the trip.

And it was amid this stressful atmosphere that he performed his rituals. After he completed the last one he checked in with his assistant to find out where the investigators were in the process. To his astonishment he heard that the case was now closed. The investigators hadn’t found anything gravely wrong; only some mistakes on forms and he only needed to pay a fee of some hundred dollars. He was so incredibly relieved and he jumped for joy. It was certainly a far cry from exile or a shot in the head!

As we finished our tour, we decided to have my Palm Leaf read the following day. I felt very anxious the entire night. What if my Palm Leaf says different things from what was written on Vera’s Leaf? And what would it mean to hear the same things?

On the day of the Reading, the first sentence that was read from my Palm Leaf was: “You had to come to India to have your Palm Leaf read in front of me, Agasthiya Maharishi.” I looked up at the wall and there smiling down at us was indeed his picture. What!?! So this would be the reason why my Palm Lead wasn’t found in Hungary back in April?! This is why the man came into my workplace and asked me if I could accompany him and guide him in India! I was even paid to go to India and have my Palm Leaf read in person! An enormous sense of gratitude, joy and serenity overwhelmed me.

My Palm Leaf described the present period in my life (at that time) and said that the last seven years of my life had been really chaotic in terms of jobs, relationships, and spiritual groups. It claimed that all of that happened for a reason -- namely, I would become a teacher, healer and astrologer very soon. I would be working with Palm Leaves and furthermore I could even learn to read them if I wanted to do so! The last seven years were so hectic so that I could gain experience from every part and aspect of life.
I felt such a relief! Everything started to make sense and yet another wave of gratitude enveloped me. My Leaf also said that even though I was already in THE relationship, I wouldn’t feel convinced until the following month of May that Vera was in fact my life partner due to some planetary and karmic effects. 

What happened next blew our minds: “As they are reading your Palm Leaf, you are a married man...” What?! We all sat there in silence for a second. Have I gotten married? I looked at Vera and she looked just as confused. What?! “As they are reading your Palm Leaf, you are a married man because when you put the garlands around each other’s necks, I, Agasthiya Maharishi pronounced you man and wife according to the Hindu tradition.” WHAT?!! After the initial shock I thought back to what had transpired leading up to this moment.

  1. The Reader finds my Palm Leaf that claims I’m in a relationship with Vera. (And NOT in a marriage.)
  2. A few minutes after this, without looking into the Main Chapter of my Palm Leaf or even discussing anything, the leader of the place gets an idea to have us put garlands around each other’s necks.
  3. We embark on a three-day tour which prevents us from reading the Main Chapter of my Palm Leaf after the Matching process.
  4. A Palm Leaf written two thousand years ago stored in India contains in its Matching Chapter the fact that I am in a relationship. Its Main Chapter claims that I am already married. What kind of celestial guidance is this? What sort of symphony is playing?


Again, I felt huge gratitude and astonishment.

The remaining parts of my Leaf talked about my future, describing the main points in it. It also said that there was a past life in Orissa state, in India, that has had the most malefic effect on this present life due to its karmic energies. Unless I solve them I won’t be recognized as a spiritual person. With this in mind, because it was just said that I would be doing things in the spiritual realm as a profession, it was urgent for me to do the provided remedies.

After my Reading was finished, the leader of the place asked me to stand up. Given that the last time he had instructed me to do something on impulse I ended up a married man, I thought it best to be very cautious! But my respect for him and the friendship that had now developed between us was unquestionable so I did what he asked of me. He grabbed two bundles of Palm Leaves that contained mantras written on them. He then started to chant mantras I had never heard before as he proceeded to touch the bundles to my head, shoulders and feet. I felt a strange tingling sensation, shaking and vibrating throughout my whole body.
Again, he gave no explanation as to why he touched the bundles to different parts of my body while chanting mantras. We said our goodbyes and the three of us continued our tour.

Upon our return to Hungary everything got all jumbled up and things started happening so fast. I took some courses for healers and I completed them all very rapidly. Meanwhile I also couldn’t get the idea out of my mind to become an astrologer. But how?
I thought that I might go back to India the following Spring and that I may be taught there for a few months. I really had no idea how this could happen. I decided to read a book about astrology just to get a picture of the whole thing. I read the entire book in two days. I started to have peculiar feelings, thoughts and ideas and I got the impulse to look at someone’s --- anyone’s birth chart on the internet. As I looked upon a chart, whole sentences started to formulate in my mind.

I asked a close friend of mine if I could take a look at her birth chart and say what I saw there. After speaking for an hour of my findings, she looked at me wide-eyed and said that the recent consultation she had had with a very successful and famous astrologer couldn’t even compare to what I told her. She went on to say that what I told her was so much more profound and a lot easier to comprehend. This situation repeated itself each time I gave my interpretation of birth charts belonging to four or five additional friends and then I decided that I must share this opportunity with others as well. So I started to do analyses regularly for the public.

In the meantime, my girlfriend...or rather, my wife, Vera and I had some pretty rough times and we fought a lot. It seemed that the miracle of India faded away as time passed. We both felt that it was impossible to stay together as a couple so we broke up on February 16th, 2012. I moved out and she planned her move to Canada -- without me. Was there a huge mistake in my Palm Leaf? But I couldn’t stop thinking about what was said in my Palm Leaf: “Till May, you won’t feel that you belong together.”

At the end of April, Vera wrote me an email saying goodbye before her departure for Canada. We talked on the phone after I read the email and we decided to meet. As of April 30th, we were a couple once more. “Till May, you won’t feel that you belong together.” 
It was in May that we started organizing our move to Canada -- together. We arrived in Toronto on November 28th, 2012.

Let’s review some things that our Palm Leaves claimed:

For Vera: “You started to work at this place to meet your future husband.” My own Palm Leaf also said this even before Vera and I knew each other. A few months after becoming a couple we both left our place of employment.

Vera: “This year in 2011, you’re going to get married.” This was said in Vera’s Palm Leaf Reading in April while in Hungary, and in India, we got married according to Hindu tradition in September of that year.

Vera: “Soon you will move to a place in the northwest direction.” It happened a year later. Here we are in Canada now.

Vera: “You’ll have a health issue from this to that.” This did happen. The funny thing is that once she was healed from it, we listened to the recording of her Palm Leaf Reading again and discovered that this health issue was mentioned there.

Vera: “You’ll work as a healer and advisor.” Vera thought that this was nonsense at the time yet four months later she started working as a healer and an advisor and she’s done this ever since.

For Richie: “Till May 2012 you won’t be able to feel yourself deeply in your relationship.”  We reunited on the 30th of April and since then we’ve been together and got married according to Western customs too.

Richie: “You will be a teacher, healer, astrologer and you’ll work with Palm Leaves.” None of these things were true of me as I was having my Reading done and yet a mere two months later, all became a part of my life and have been ever since.

Richie: “Before the age of 30, you won’t have a child.” This was one more thing we thought was nonsense because we had wanted a child right away. I am turning 30 next February and because something has always come up, we have postponed having a baby. So apparently, this is true.

Richie: “After having your Reading, for two years your life will just be so-so, then it will start on a full-scale.” During those two years, Vera and I broke up, reunited, moved to another country and got settled in our life together. Around October of this year we finally started to feel like we found ‘home’.

Richie: “You will write an article about your experiences and knowledge.” Again, this was something that I couldn’t imagine; then suddenly I started to write and in two weeks I had written one hundred and seventy pages. I plan on finishing this project soon.

Richie: “Two years after your Reading, your life will be improving and accelerating. For a hundreddays you will be in the media and you will be well-known.” My Reading was on the 29th of September 2012 and on the 30th of September this year, someone asked me to do an online interview. Other requests have followed. My Hungarian articles are read by thousands of people and my English blog is becoming more and more well-known.

There are a lot of things that were said in our Leaves. In fact, there is not one thing that they said that hasn’t happened; even the things Vera and I thought were impossible or fought against. Our individual Palm Leaf also provided each of us with karma cleaning remedies and rituals, and so far, we’ve done them all without exception. The Reader of my Palm Leaf is a fantastic individual with a deep knowledge and vast experience. Everything has happened exactly the way we heard it was supposed to happen. Vera and I have both had a life changing and wonderful experience when we had our own Palm Leaf read. All the other people we’ve assisted in finding theirs would also agree.

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