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The Palm Leaves were written around 2000 years ago by seven ancient sages, known as the ’Maharishis’. ’Maha’ means “great” and ’rishi’ means “saint”. This group is also known as ’Saptarishis’; ’sapta’ meaning “seven”. Anyone who wishes to research them on the internet can find pictures and stories about them. The Palm Leaves exist and they are authentic. We, personally, saw them and held some of them in India and we were lucky to witness with our own eyes, the whole process of finding them and reading them.

According to my experiences and understanding, the Leaves were written out of compassion for the people of the past, present and future ages. These ancient saints were at such a high level of purity and consciousness that they were able to see beyond space and time, and could predict people’s lives in any point in time throughout history. They foresaw chains of events that we would definitely face in our individual lives, and the effects these would have on us. They wrote them down in order to advise, support and help us. It’s quite easy to comprehend and to accept if we really think about it.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced this: One day, an old friend crosses our mind. Once we get home we realize that there is an email from that very same person and we hadn’t even spoken to them for decades! Or, we get some kind of bad feeling; heartache overwhelms us and a few minutes later we see something bad. These seven saints had this ability from a much wider perspective and were able to use this ability consciously and on purpose.

Not everyone on earth has a Palm Leaf, mind you. There are many factors to explain it: the Leaves are meant to give us guidance when our life has gotten tangled, but not every person’s life is that complicated. Those living in a part of Africa, for example, digging the soil with sticks for roots may have a hard life, but this life is relatively uncomplicated and untangled. Those who lose their lives at an early age also don’t have a Leaf.
Besides, if one person’s life changes in a good way it has an effect on the surrounding 5-10 relatives, friends as well. In general, we can also say people meet their personal Palm Leaf when their lives have reached a crossroads, whether on financial, professional, personal &/ spiritual levels and likewise when they need guidance and extra help to be able to proceed.

Those who hear about the Palm Leaves and feel an attraction towards them would most likely have a personal Palm Leaf. In most cases, those who hear about them but aren’t really interested in searching for theirs, also have their Palm Leaf in existence; in most cases, after it was read for them would they only realize how much they benefitted from it.

The seven Maharishis represent seven different lineages. Some people have got a Leaf written by all seven Maharishis or almost all of them; obviously the milestones in one’s specific life will be the same, however the interpretation will be different. Some of the Maharishis focus on spiritual life; some, on the present period; and then there are some who describe the life with a more broad interpretation.

The first step in finding someone’s Palm Leaf is to get a thumbprint. For women, the left thumbprint is needed and for men, it is the right. Few people know that although our thumbprint is unique, it can still be categorized by certain guidelines. Moreover, each type of thumbprint generates a personality, attributes and walk of life. Palm Leaves are sorted into different bundles and each bundle contains approximately 50-60 individual Leaves.

This “finding process” is fairly quick. Upon getting the person’s thumbprint via email the Palm Leaf Reader proceeds to The Palm Leaf Library and requests some bundles according to the client’s type of thumbprint. The whole finding process is done within a few days or sometimes, in even just a few hours.

Once the Palm Leaf Reader has gathered the appropriate bundles, everything is ready for the Matching process. Every Palm Leaf contains a Matching Chapter. It contains information about the owner of the Palm Leaf at a certain stage of her/his life.
The name of the seeker; the parents’ names; ex-husbands’/wives’ names; current marital status; number and gender of children and siblings; date and time of birth; profession; any health conditions – all major information is there...written on the Leaf! For example: “Your name is Julia; your father’s name is John; your mother’s name is Sarah; you have an ex-husband, his name is Peter; you have a son and a daughter from your ex-husband; now you have a relationship with a man who is younger than you and his name is Michael; you are a lawyer; you own a house and you live in that house with your two children and your mother, and so on...

Every Leaf contains a chapter like that and during the Matching process the Reader tells us one statement at a time, and we need to verify it with a “Yes” or a “No” answer. Upon getting the answer “Yes”, the Reader stays on that particular Leaf and proceeds. But if he hears a “No”, he drops that Leaf and goes to the next Leaf in the bundle. Each piece of information on a Leaf needs to match the person exactly in order to say we have found the specific, personal Palm Leaf.

Sometimes we’ve also faced doubts and suspicions:
“You get the information about people from a federal database.” – Consider that we find and read Palm Leaves for people from all over the world through Skype. We would have to have such a huge and extensive number of contacts in the right places -- which no one really has, by the way, especially for us, at our level. We do not have an unlimited supply of money to even be able to do such a thing. 
Also there are facts on the Leaves that are not held in databases: secret lovers; illnesses; events from the past; thoughts; sometimes, even repetitive dreams. 

“You collect the data from social media.” – Many people are not registered on any social media, and also a lot of their displayed information is not even visible to just anyone.
“The Reader is guessing the names and the facts.” – We’ve had countless cases where it was the very first Leaf from the first bundle that was the person’s actual Leaf, and therefore the Reader could not have had points of reference. There was a case, for instance, when we did the Matching for an Italian woman, and the Reader said her father’s name that was written on the Leaf: “Ferruccio”. I think it is quite unbelievable that such a name as this can be guessed by a South-Indian person randomly. And this was not the only case where something like this happened.

We’ve seen and experienced these things as really having been  written on these Palm Leaves in India 2000 years ago!

Since the Matching Chapter contains accurate information it is evident that we can meet and find our personal Leaf at a certain point in time. If we’re dating someone named “Jon”, let’s say, but our Leaf contains the name “Ted” as our ultimate lifetime partner, we will meet the Palm Leaves only after we have “Ted” in our life. If we don’t currently have a mortgage on our house, but in our Matching Chapter, it says that we do, then time will have to pass first and we buy our home with a  mortgage, and then we will meet the Palm Leaves. Since there is a lot of information that needs to match things about us, there is only a short interval when all the points are perfectly matched; that is the time when we find our very own  Leaf.

As all the information matches us, and we know without a doubt that we have found it, it is time to read the Main Chapter. This part was not written from the point of our birth but rather from a specific time when the Maharishis saw that we will face a crossroads and significant changes in our lives. It can be at the age of 20, 34, 67, or any age.  The present age is described thoroughly. What’s going on in our lives; what effects impact us; from when till when that these effects will last. Indeed, it does help a lot to understand where we are coming from, where we are, and which way we are heading.

The future is unfolded and described as particular periods. The length of each of these particular periods can vary depending on the acting tendencies in that period. The Leaf gives hints, guidelines and tips on how to bring the best out of the particular period; what we can expect; which way it’s best to go. It says a lot of useful things, but never too much; it is always delivered in a gentle, empathetic way to the owner of the Palm Leaf.

Some people might say: “If I hear that I will have stomach issues at the age of 42 maybe I’m the one who creates the problem subconsciously, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Here in modern times, due to social and economic changes, we tend to overrate the concept of free will. There’s no need to go too deeply into the topic but I have to say that there are certain things and events in our lives that will definitely happen to us. ‘Free will’ only means that I can prepare myself for it well in advance. So, let’s say that if I’ll have stomach issues at the age of 42, I can modify my diet well beforehand, start doing certain exercises, and once I reach the age of 42, the effects can be relatively moderate.

Think about it: if my Palm Leaf, written 2000 years ago, contains the name of my father and mother in this present moment, what kind of free will did my mother really have in choosing her husband, my future father? Moreover, since the Leaves are already written, even my children’s Leaves are there somewhere in the Indian Palm Leaf Library. It must contain my name as their father and obviously, the name of their mother. And what if my Palm Leaf said that I have a teaching degree? What free will did I have in choosing my major and at which university back in the day? It seems we have to believe that the Maharishis truly knew our destiny 2000 years ago and wrote it on these Palm Leaves.

As we proceed in the Main Chapter some people get anxious with regard to the time of their death. According to hundreds of readings that we’ve done, we can assure every one of those who have a Palm Leaf that the life span is always more than 65-70-75 years; they live a long life. The Maharishis wrote guidance, and they wrote it for people who will have time in their life to use it.

After the Main Chapter there is also written a particular past life that has the most malefic effect on this present one with its karma. Once we hear about it we are better able to comprehend it; thus accept and change in our lives. Moreover, there are certain karma-cleaning exercises written personally for us that help relieve the negative effects in this present life. Based upon our experience, those who accomplish these exercises always say that their lives became a lot better than they were before.

If the Palm Leaves are so effective and fantastic, why are there some people in forums who say they are disappointed by them?

There are two factors to consider: number one is that who the Palm Leaf Reader is, matters a lot. The Leaves were written in ancient Tamil, which is a dead language and only a few people can read it. So if a Reader lacks a depth of experience and is not pure enough (ie. authentic, genuine, spiritually advanced), even he won’t be able to interpret them properly. A good Reader is very rare; I have worked with 6 or 7 in total, and I have found that only one is a hundred percent worthy of the title of Palm Leaf Reader. His name is Kumar and he is deep, precise, and what he says comes true all the time. This is why we work with him exclusively.

The other factor is the karma-cleaning exercises. The Palm Leaf describes future events, tendencies and my free will has the right to prepare for them and somewhat enhance the quality of the event. Many people don’t take these exercises seriously; they forget or neglect them in many cases. During a reading the Reader says at least 5-10 times that “if you do the karma-cleaning exercises, then...”. We need to understand that we are not being forced to do them, but it would only make sense to accomplish them.

There was this man who was in financial crisis and we read his Leaf in March. His Leaf said that if he does the exercises he can be relieved of a lot of blocking effects and his financial problems will disappear in September. In the beginning of August, a person showed up willing to buy his house. They even agreed on whether the existing curtains remained with the house or not as part of the sale. At the end of August, the buyer (let’s call him Mr. B) disappeared. The man (our orginial Mr. A, the seller) hadn’t heard a word from Mr. B so far. Then in September we got a call from Mr. A saying that he wanted to accomplish his exercises and he asked if we could provide him with help in them. Had he done them sooner would he have been able to sell his house? The opportunity came but there wasn’t enough energy, there were still too many blocks to do it.

I recently spoke with a friend of mine and he said his Leaf told him a year ago that his mother will have small problems with her pancreas. But not long ago his mother had surgery and her pancreas were completely removed. He asked me how come that it turned out to be such a serious case. I asked him right away if he had done his karma-cleaning exercises, and he said that he hadn’t. The fantastic thing about these exercises is that if we do them, they can have a beneficial effect not only on ourselves, but on our loved ones, too.

It’s not a secret that in most cases there is an option on the Palm Leaf that we can entrust Indian monks or priests to perform a session of rituals for us in order to relieve our negative karmic energies. Some people in forums are outraged that “they ask money from you otherwise you will be doomed”. Well, it is not mandatory, it’s an option. Consider it an opportunity, even. The daily cost of this ritual is approximately 60 cents a day(!), so how can you possibly think that they in India are only after our money? This amount covers the daily costs of performing this ritual; buying clarified butter, flowers, seeds, or any other items required to perform the ritual. 

When I was in India and had my Leaf read I also had this opportunity. I told them that as soon as I arrived in my home country, I would transfer the money. So many things happened after my trip and I honestly, totally forgot about it! Nine months later, I got an email saying that they had finished the session of rituals for me. I was really surprised, and they said since we considered ourselves good friends already, they started the rituals for me without asking me. I ran down to the bank and transferred their fee, and after that I started to think: after having my Leaf read the first couple of months did not bring too much change, but later everything in my life started to fall into place. As they proceeded with the rituals unbeknownst to me, very positive changes manifested in my life, and I didn’t even know that they were performing them.

All in all, after interpreting around 1,300 Palm Leaves I can say that the Leaves are authentic and a huge help. If the Reader is good and the poojas are done, then it’s a fantastic phenomenon. If any of these factors are amiss, then we encounter doubts. I can say with confidence though that we’ve always  received good feedback, and considering that we read Palm Leaves to people in several countries worldwide with the help of the internet and Skype, it’s a huge compliment.

Since it’s a vast and very multi-layered topic, should you have any further questions, you can address them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-416-854-59-47.

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