Astrological prediction for November, 2013

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." - said John Lennon, and this is going to be the main factor in the month of November. Our plans and accomplishments, the inner and external worlds, our depths and surface will go two different ways. The struggling times from April until September are over, and a soft, patient exam-period is going to take over. It will constantly give us the feeling as if we are being tested all the time.

During November there will still be the need to face our inner, childish parts; either actively or passively. What hurts did I have to experience that still hinder me from growing up and putting my life on a stable platform? This is going to be the main question. (Mercury, Saturn and North Node in alignment in Scorpio)

Meanwhile the sense of aimlessness will be the greatest so far. Which way do I head in my life? What plans am I able to accomplish? The questions will have a strong presence, but they cannot be answered for a while. (Uranus in Aries in precise square with Pluto in Capricorn)

On November the 7th, such a significant event will occur that I will dedicate a separate, complete article to that soon. Jupiter goes retrograde in Cancer, and will move in this way until March 6th, 2014, for 5 months.

Until November 19th we ought to work with all our energies to consolidate the blocks in our childish self, and we will receive very powerful support from above to do this. (Mars in Virgo in sextile with Mercury-Saturn-North Node in Scorpio)

On November 5th, the time has come (again) to set our Relationship right. We have to dig deep to its roots, to the bottom of it, and examine carefully what we get from it and what it is that makes us sacrifice for it. This process can give the sense of coldness between ourselves and our partner; some kind of rationality instead of deep emotions, but this distance is really important in order to see the basic structures of our Relationship. Since Venus is the symbol of young women, this date is especially for women and signals the beginning of an urge to grow up, to be more mature, even if the media and society no longer have clear expectations of women living their feminine identity or feminine power. (Venus enters Capricorn)

On Thursday, November 7th, Jupiter starts moving retrograde. As I mentioned before, this is going to be such a significant impact that I'll write a complete article about it. It will push the women into a more mature and at the same time more soft quality, whether they like it or not. We men won't understand this process from the outside and we can only watch carefully what is happening, what is coming to the surface.

Between Thursday, November 7th and Sunday, November 17th, it is a great period to get married for those who have these plans, and also a great time to set our Relationship right with our parents, our past. Reach back to those things that are still unfinished, and accomplish them. (Jupiter in Cancer in trine with Sun in Scorpio)

Between Saturday, November 9th and Friday, November 22nd can again be a period when skeletons start to fall out of the closet of our Relationship. It is really important to see clearly that what makes us dissatisfied or causes hurts is not really what is happening now but what is just being reflected from our past, even past lives. So it would be good to try to control ourselves and to talk about these things with our "shrink" or psychotherapist -– not to our partner.
If we feel the following in the next two weeks, be aware that the planets make us think and say things such as: "There is no future for us and our relationship."; "You are just using me!"; "I am suppressed in this relationship."; "It can't go on like this!". If possible during these two weeks, try to avoid staying out late. Don't go to abandoned, dangerous places alone. In general, avoid conflicts, or even the possibility of conflicts altogether. (Venus aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, gets square from Uranus in Aries)

Between Sunday, November 10th and Wednesday, November 27th, another planetary effect will help us, and also makes it clear not to fight too much in/with our Relationship but instead, go on with cleaning our past. It's important to bring our focus to finishing our unfinished things from the past, integrate them and learn from them. (Mars in Virgo in sextile with Jupiter in Cancer)

On Sunday, November 10th, Mercury starts going forward in Scorpio. It is also emphasizing our need to grow up, learn from our past, the ups and downs, and reshape ourselves according to our experiences, our thinking, our communication and our deeds. If we see something is not proceeding well in one way, then find another way.

Wednesday, November 13th is going to be a very significant day. Neptune started going retrograde back in the summer in its own sign of Pisces. But on this day, Neptune finally starts going forward after a long time. We will need its healing, cradling energies during these mixing, cleaning periods. With its smooth energies it will heal and cure the hurts and distractions, but we also have to make efforts actively towards this, otherwise we will find ourselves really melancholic and languid.

From Saturday, November 16th, a need for something noble, ancient and stable will arise strongly. It is a great period to spend much time with our grandparents, to visit them if we haven't seen them in a long time, and to talk with elderly people. Also it is a great time to read legends, ancient stories, sagas. (Jupiter going retrograde in trine with Saturn)

Between Tuesday, November 19th and Friday, November 29th, we may feel ourselves kind of cumbersome, as if we are wearing shoes that are way bigger than they should be. We will want to flow out, be extroverted and yet at the same time, stay alone. We may appear disconcerted and perplexing to the people surrounding us but we will also feel the same way about ourselves. (Sun in Sagittarius in square with Neptune in Pisces)

Friday, November 22nd will bring something positive. Venus comes out of alignment with Pluto, and it will reset our sense of comfort. We can feel peace in our Relationship and women can finally feel at ease again. On the same day, the Sun enters Sagittarius. In the next four weeks it is recommended to pray often. We can even set up a small altar at home.

Between Monday, November 25th and Thursday, December 5th, we can feel re-energized and that we have found new goals. We have to be sure that these new goals are realistic and that we approach them gradually, step by step. During these days we might feel an urge to move or to immigrate. For those who are planning it, it is a great time to accomplish. (Sun in Sagittarius in trine with Uranus in Aries)

On Thursday, November 28th, women will begin to feel like they're being tested for how kind, settled, caring and receptive they are. It will be a day when the reins are let go, and the gallop starts. The energies will rush by with full intensity. (Mars in Virgo comes out of sextile with Jupiter in Cancer)

Between Thursday, November 28th and Saturday, December 14th, a new urge can arise in women to have a last hurrah in partying, to feel and live with their free, independent side. It is also a great period to go on dates and start a Relationship. (Venus in Capricorn in trine with Mars in Virgo)

In conclusion, I can say that this is the first monthly prediction when I have to say that the main content will be coming in a different, complete article. Two planets will be significant during November; Neptune going forward and Jupiter going retrograde. There will be a fall-winter-like profundity, and the stuck Relationships will be boosted after a long time. Just as galloping starts. If we have a firm seat, we will enjoy the ride, if not, we will have an inconvenient time.
Personally I'm really looking forward to it. It already started conflicts within us, but we really needed this dominant, forceful power to start up our life again. Soon I'll post the other explanatory article about how the retrograde Jupiter in Cancer will effect our lives, so you'll get an even clearer picture soon.

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