Scorpio is the 'dark horse' of the Zodiac; there can be found the biggest darkness in it, connected with the brightest light, just as in its iconic figure, Lucifer, the fallen angel. His name means "the one who brings the light", still he is the one who is precipitated from heaven, to experience the world of flesh and emotions, and after a very lengthy roaming he re-discovers the Light and returns to the realm of the angels. There are both extremities in the sign of Scorpio.

Just as the psychologist told me at the age of 16 after a few months of sessions, "Son, you're gonna be the biggest saint or the biggest sinner in the world. I just don't know yet which one." Well, I can tell you, Scorpio doesn't aim for any of these. He or she just wants to be happy, but can only reach this happiness through such extremities that in most cases brings about his or her own destruction.

Heat...Heat... Heat ...Frost... Heat ...Frost... Heat alone...Frost...Frost together... Heat together...Heat ...

If you watch a Scorpio you see a charming, delicate external layer, but you still feel some kind of a hidden, suppressed heat behind. You try to look behind this sophisticated coat, even though you sense danger, like The Little Prince's case with the Fox. This whole phenomenon is the alpha and omega in the Scorpio's life; this makes him/her interesting to the opposite sex and other people. At the same time he is stable, dangerous, eruptive and lost, and after a while you realize, it's impossible to detect or understand him/her. Trust me, he/she feels the same inside.
Even him/herself is just an observer for this ocean of emotions, seeing that one moment there is hatred and craving for destruction, the other it's pure love and compassion – and it is not fiction. He/she contains the entire spectrum from the most animal-like brutalism to the highest levels of love and consciousness. And sometimes these qualities can change just as rapidly...

In the childhood of every person there is a certain atmosphere that shapes our personality. In the case of Scorpio certainly this atmosphere contains the topics of sexuality, sin and punishment; conflict between the sexes, maybe hiding or revenge. And definitely the sexual life between the parents, the flow and exchange of sexual energies was not harmonious.
He/she needed to experience extremities openly or hidden at such high levels that it erased the borders of normality and morals. We don't need to assume that every Scorpio spent childhood in a brothel. Even a little trauma is enough. He/she was caught stealing, or in an intimate situation with a fellow boy/girl – and there it is. He/she develops a mind-frame that the world is full of sin and preachers, and he/she is a part of this world, not knowing which side to belong to.

In relationship, the Scorpio's weakness is his/her strength. Who would not want a lover or partner who is unpredictable; who is constantly on fire? Who would not want to be shaken up from monotony and start living life to the fullest?
But this is the core of the problem. In this constant fire both sides perish. But don't blame Scorpio. We spend a few weeks, months, years in this fire but Scorpio spends its entire life in it without being able to have a break.
In every case the relationship ends according to the same script. The partner wakes up as if from a dream, and is not able to recall one single mutual memory of their life together. Spending your life in the fast lane can give you pleasure but you miss the little details along the way.

If someone reads an article like this I think it is obvious that everything showing up in our external world is only a reflection of the inside. Even with the Scorpio. If we discover that a Scorpio is there in our life and we are 'on' the game with him/her, first ask ourselves these questions before calling the exorcist to set us free:
1. Do I suppress my emotions at such a high level that the Universe needs such a harsh tool in the form of the Scorpio to worm them out?
2. Do I escape into my daily routine closing myself out from the adventure of life?
3. Do I know clearly the roles of men and women?

To see the games of Scorpio the movie Twilight is a great example. Bella, the introverted, virgin girl, who is not clear about herself falls in love with Edward, who is a vampire who has constantly been fighting and struggling with the dark sides of his existence, though at the same time he can be charming, mysterious and exciting. Their relationship is a tightrope walk, and Bella doesn't know when Edward's dark side will win and kill her. Edward also does not know how long Bella will be able to bear this constant insecurity and danger, and when she will escape from him by cursing his name and memory.

The life-task of a Scorpio is to lead sexuality and emotions to a higher level, but if he/she doesn't accept this task, he/she will face some health issues, some sexual infection or impotence/frigidity. The stuck energies in the groin flame up, throw him/her back to the first steps of sexual issues, and make him/her to change his/her perceptions about the sexes and human relationships.

How can we help the Scorpio?
If we have such a partner, first of all we need to ask the questions above of ourselves. If we don't see our role in this whole game, we will only have a mixed bunch of feelings towards him/her: love, hatred, seduction, incomprehension. It will be a chaotic struggle, and we'll end up on the couch of a shrink.
We must understand that our partner is an incredible person, full of potential, and he/she only is escaping from this potential into destruction, because he/she is not able to handle his/her qualities yet. Don't play his/her game! Avoid extremities! Don't become chilly nor ferocious! That's his/her playground, so the moment we start, we are already lost. Try to remain calm, and give your attention with no extremes to him/her. As he/she sees that life is not a battlefield full of sinners and judges, he/she will return to us on higher levels of his/her soul. There is no other sign in the Zodiac that would be more exciting and profound in a relationship, we just need to temper him/her; like The Little Prince had to do with the Fox.

In conclusion, a joke that refers to those born under the sign of Scorpio: A sadist and a masochist are in bed.
Masochist: "Torture me!!"
Sadist: "No, I won't!'"



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