Astrological prediction for September, 2013

I have been waiting for this month of September to arrive...since all the way back in April! Many blocking, emotionally frustrating effects are finally going to cease, or if not, they will at least lead us towards their solutions. The main issues will be: how much can we get along on our own? What hinders us from growing up and being whole? At the same time the feeling as if we are constantly being pressed, will also vanish.

There are going to be cardinal fluxes.

From Wednesday, August 28th until Tuesday, October 15th, the planet Mars will be proceeding alone in Leo. It will test how independent and courageous we are -- will we be able to tough it out and handle situations without counting on others to solve things for us? But it can also make us egoistic, insensitive, and moreover, sometimes cruel. During these few weeks many people will experience their lives starting over as if from scratch or with a blank page.

Between Sunday, August 25th and Wednesday, October 23rd, we should spend much time in therapy, get in touch with the skeletons in our closet, because what we clear in ourselves during this period can give a huge boost to our lives. (North Node aligns with Saturn in Scorpio)

From Monday, September 2nd until Tuesday, September 10th, many couples may break up, or if we stay in the relationship we are in, we may feel ourselves lonely, or won't be able to spend much time with our partner. (Venus proceeding with no flux in Libra)

Sunday, September 1st delivers a lot of good news. The issues of Home and Family start settling, and we can experience higher levels of peace and emotions from this day forward. (Sun in Virgo in sextile with Jupiter in Cancer)

The struggles and fights that we've been experiencing regarding the settlement of Family, Home, Immigration can ease. (Jupiter in Cancer comes out of opposition with Pluto in Capricorn)

Though these are beneficial effects we won't be able to fully utilize them for a while. We still can feel ourselves lonely, or hardened by the emotional wounds we received in the last few months. But from Thursday, September 19th onwards, these good effects can show themselves fully, preparing the stage for something a lot bigger starting the next day. (Saturn in Scorpio in square with Mars in Leo)

On Monday, September 2nd, a big force arrives to arrange our Relationship; women particularly will feel as if a huge burden disappears from their emotional world. (Jupiter's square ceases with Venus in Libra)

September 4-5-6th will be a great opportunity to talk over problems and hurts with our children and/or parents. (Sun-Moon-Mercury align in Virgo)
Monday, September 9th will be a very similar day to clear things, especially with our Mother or dealing with the topics of Motherhood, Home, Marriage, Relationship. (Moon-Venus-North Node align in Scorpio)

From this day on until Monday, September 23rd, women can heal many things within, even the wounds gotten from their partner within the last few months. (Venus in Scorpio in trine with Neptunus in Pisces)

From Wednesday, September 11th until Monday, the 23rd, there will be an effect that can show itself in many ways. On one hand it can bring up bad childhood memories in women who are between the ages of 15 and 35, and will also show what blocks them from becoming a Wife or a Mother. Also people can experience a stronger motivation to cheat on each other or be secretive. (Mercury proceeding with no flux in Libra)

Sunday, September 15th is another specific day I've really been anticipating because Uranus in Aries comes out of square with Jupiter in Cancer. Aries means the beginning of something, Uranus means Future and Perspectives. Cancer means Marriage, Home, Family and Homeland. Jupiter is Hope, Faith, Abundance, and also Abroad. The struggling with these topics can ease on a higher level starting from this day: having a baby; immigration; finding our roots.

Simultaneously on September 15-16-17th there will be a tetragonal formation in the sky that gives a negative flux to these topics, but after these three days, everything is going to be fine. (Square between Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto-Mercury)

The day of Thursday, September 19th can mix us up in our relationship, and in women it can bring up long-forgotten hurts and fears. But in this case, as they come to the surface it also means the healing of them. (Saturn-Venus-North Node align in Scorpio)

This healing will take a few weeks, at least until Tuesday, October 8th. (Venus in Scorpio in square with Mars in Leo)

Aaaaaaaand now the day I've been waiting for since April 12th!!!...On that day Pluto started its retrograde movement, and from that day on we've been feeling as if nothing is happening, everything has stopped, and we don't know which way to go in our lives. There has been no progress since then; only struggle and uncertainity regarding our job, relationship, plans, ideas. Many, many people have been complaining to me that since April their lives fully stopped and they haven't known which way to proceed.

On Friday, September 20th the planet Pluto starts going ahead again, or in other words, goes direct, and opens up many doors that have been closed for months. Since it happens in Capricorn, the feeling as if we are being bombed to our very core finally ceases. Everybody has been eagerly expecting this day since April without even knowing about it! I can't promise that everything falls into place the very next day, but 70-80 percent of our problems will definitely disappear.

Another good effect begins on the following day of Saturday, September 21st. Order will be restored to repair torn relationships, bringing peace and happiness into them. (Venus in Scorpio in trine with Jupiter in Cancer)

Monday, September 23rd can also be the beginning of very good things. The Sun enters Libra, the astrological sign of Harmony, Love, Relationship, Social Life and since Mercury is also going to be there for a few days, our thoughts, deeds, communication will be pervaded with a new sense of tranquility, harmony and refinement. It is really something we've been hungry for after the fights and struggles of the last few months.

From this same day onward women can feel like they are reborn. (Venus comes out of alignment with Saturn in Scorpio)

The square of Mercury with Jupiter ceases on this day as well so this will be an auspicious or favourable time to have a baby, move in together or talk over the not-liked things in our relationship.

From Thursday, September 26th until Monday, October 7th, we won't be prepared to fully utilize these new good energies so we need to proceed slowly, and cautiously watch our partner and the development of our lives. (Sun in Libra in square with Pluto in Capricorn)

On Sunday, September 29th, Mercury also enters Scorpio along with Venus, Saturn and North Node...these four major entities will be in Scorpio, right until October 8th. During this week and a half, it's worthwhile to work on having a baby if we wish to do so; and again the women can greatly benefit from working on the issues of maturing from being a child and growing into a woman.

All in all I'm really excited about this month. It will take some time for us to feel the changes that can even be drawn out until the middle of October. However, the fact that Pluto goes direct on September 20th is more than enough in itself. Moreover, we saw that a lot of blocking effects, fluxes will cease. The struggling, feeling of being mixed up, the uncertainity will gradually ease as we head to the end of September, and as the days pass we will feel ourselves more and more stable, tranquil and harmonious.

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