Astrological prediction for October, 2013

After checking the planets to write this article the first thought that crossed my mind was: “I haven’t written about a month that is so clear to see, where there are fluxes that can be so easily detected.” There are going to be clear, easily distinguishable fluxes, with obvious effects.
The beginning of the month will still keep up the sense of being alienated in our Relationship; the ups and downs, and also the feeling that we can not find our place in our lives. But as the days pass through October these effects will decrease and gradually smoothen, and eventually they will cease

From Tuesday, October 1st till Wednesday, October 9th, there will be an egoistic, defensive attitude in ourselves towards our partner that will be boosted by the insecurities and hurts of the last few months. Those who are not in a relationship (and obviously, also those who are) will solve their situations with forceful insistence. It will be motivated by the fact that we have not been feeling stability in our life, and we have lost the connection with an “inner knowingness”, an intuition, or certainty. (Venus in Scorpio in square with Mars in Leo)

During the first week of October until Tuesday, October 8th, women will have to face one more last wave of being mixed up which started in the middle of September. It is really important to comprehend that what comes up during this week and gives the sense of hurt and fear does not pertain to now, but comes from the past, especially triggered by what happened in childhood. (Mercury-Saturn-North Node-Venus aligns in Scorpio)

Another effect strengthens this until Monday, October 7th. What hurts are there from the past that hinder me from having a harmonious relationship; to enjoy life and appreciate what it can provide me? What hinders me to express my female allure and harmony? These are going to be the topics of two main planetary effects happening at the same time. (Sun in Libra in square with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries in opposition with Sun in Libra)

Between Thursday, October 3rd and Wednesday, October 16th, those who have been trying to have a baby should put more effort and focus into it. During these two weeks, it is a good time to work on cleaning our childhood hurts and problematic areas. Also we ought to spend much time during these days with our parents, grandparents or at the places of our childhood. (Mercury in Scorpio aligns with Saturn-North Node, meanwhile trine from Jupiter in Cancer)

Between Saturday, October 5th and Wednesday, October 16th, parallel to this, there can again be feelings of ‘throwing the book’ at your partner (holding your partner accountable for his/her actions) in relationships and complaints, especially from the women. The main topic of these two weeks will be asking: which are the main values in our lives and which are not? What is only glittering with no real content?...Flash over substance, noticing superficialities. For example: would we choose to go to a fancy restaurant where we get very little for a lot of money and while during dinner we each are preoccupied with our own smartphones?; OR would we choose to be with our partner, make a nice dinner to eat together at home, all the while paying attention to each other? Since the flux is going to be a square, the choice between the two won’t be as obvious as it seems at first. (Venus in Sagittarius in square with Neptune in Pisces)

Between Monday, October 7th and Friday, October 18th, there will be a flux that mostly affects women and those in a relationship. What do I give up if I move in with my partner? What do I give up if I get married? If I’m in a relationship what do I give up if I’ll have a baby? How much more different will my life be after being committed in a serious relationship? These questions and topics will be there consciously or subconsciously directing our acts and thoughts. (Sun in Libra in square with Jupiter in Cancer)

We can see that between Monday, October 7th, and Wednesday, October 16th there will be three fluxes that will be active at the same time. These fluxes can affect us on a deep emotional level and really mix us up, so everyone should have a box of tissues nearby to wipe away the tears. I consider October 18th as the final point in the flow that was started in April by Pluto going retrograde. Until then, try not to break up with your partner because after this day everything’s going to be a lot easier.

Between Friday, October 11th and Monday, October 21st, the reshaping of relationships and women begins. We really need to be aware during these days because they can bring out an aggressive, egoistic, ‘Rambo’-like woman from inside ourselves. If we are conscious and humble enough these fluxes can shape us with their higher level and help us learn to appreciate what’s important; to see the values in those things and in our partner. (Venus in Sagittarius in trine with Uranus in Aries)

Between Friday, October 11th and Monday, the 28th, what we need to learn is how to act and stand up for ourselves effectively but at the same time, with humility. It may sound very easy, but the patterns of this society and also the hurts of the last few months would make us have a very different attitude. Still if we don’t start practicing humility in our lives during these two weeks we will feel ourselves unsuccessful, disappointed and not understood by others. (Mars in Virgo in opposition with Neptune in Pisces)

Tuesday, October 15th is going to be a really important but divisive day. Personally, I have been waiting for it with much anticipation. Planet Mars will leave Leo and enter Virgo that day. The sense of loneliness, struggle, irrational short-temperedness will cease from this day forward. Those who really like to be in charge in everything they do may feel that they have run out of fuel and that they don’t get the amount of attention that they are used to. In fact, what’s happening is that a (too) sharp and biting side of us will be minimized.

On Friday, October 18th, as I have already written above, it will be a really important day. Relationships can be soothed. We can feel after a long time that we finally know which way to lead our lives; what we want from our partner, and what he/she wants from us. These needs and desires will even come together! (Sun in Libra comes out of square in Jupiter in Cancer)

Another flux will strengthen this, since on Monday, October 21st, another effect will cease that had been preparing the birth of the renewal of our lives and relationship. It will feel like the carrier rocket detaches after the space shuttle is high enough and has reached its trajectory. (Venus in Sagittarius comes out from trine with Uranus in Aries)

On the very same day, Monday, October 21st, the planet Mercury starts it retrograde movement in Scorpio. It can give us the will for therapy, researching and cleaning our past, and it can also mix us up. Considering that Mercury goes retrograde, I could advise that those who have been trying to have a baby should stop attempting it for a while. But since Jupiter from Cancer gives its trine to Mercury, I won’t say that. It is really a situation of ‘anything can happen’ regarding this baby issue. It’ll be either somehow, suddenly, “We did it!” or...“Still not yet.” From this day on we ought to set our relationship with our parents in order to be able to establish our own family. In many relationships couples don’t even have an idea that the reason why they are unsuccessful is because they still have some unfinished issues with their parents and background.

From October 22nd, Tuesday we should start cleaning our life, both internally and externally, to arrange the troubled areas of our lives. It is better to do less things but make sure to do them with full attention and commitment. (Mars in Virgo in trine with Pluto in Capricorn)

On Wednesday, October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio. For those who like to avoid therapy and facing the skeletons in their closet it is sort of bad news, because from this day on we start facing them at higher and higher levels. Those who have been working on themselves will feel a strong desire and need to turn to their inner self, and the things that need to be set will resolve by themselves.

This process will be strongly supported between Monday, October 21st and Thursday, October 31st, by a deeply healing and cradling great flux. (Sun in Scorpio in trine with Neptune in Pisces)

From Wednesday, October 23rd until the first week of November we will get an extra urge and motivation towards this external-internal cleaning process. What we arrange here will help us a lot to live our lives more effectively but still humbly and modestly. (Mars in Virgo in trine with Pluto in Capricorn)
From this day on another flux will also strengthen this process right until the middle of November. (Mars in Virgo in sextile with Sun in Scorpio)

In conclusion, I can say that the first half of the month can still leave us feeling mixed up and in a rush. Just hold on until October 18th, and from that day on things automatically start getting sorted by themselves. Please don’t visualize the champagne popping and fireworks in the sky though. Many planets are in Scorpio, and after the 21st, Venus is going to proceed with no flux. We will just feel the change and go on with our lives; more effectively and not wasting energy on blaming others and/or our partner. During the whole month the most auspicious planet, Jupiter will give the most auspicious flux to many planets, so there will be a caring, protective power in the background.

Those who feel negative during the shift in the middle of the month need to contemplate a bit, examining if their life is too ‘trendy’ or trying to keep up with the latest fad, too rushed. So there is not going to be bouquets of flowers and candies; everything goes on, but more effectively, working at a better level, and more happily.


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