Astrological prediction for October, 2013

After checking the planets to write this article the first thought that crossed my mind was: “I haven’t written about a month that is so clear to see, where there are fluxes that can be so easily detected.” There are going to be clear, easily distinguishable fluxes, with obvious effects.
The beginning of the month will still keep up the sense of being alienated in our Relationship; the ups and downs, and also the feeling that we can not find our place in our lives. But as the days pass through October these effects will decrease and gradually smoothen, and eventually they will cease


Astrological prediction for September, 2013

I have been waiting for this month of September to arrive...since all the way back in April! Many blocking, emotionally frustrating effects are finally going to cease, or if not, they will at least lead us towards their solutions. The main issues will be: how much can we get along on our own? What hinders us from growing up and being whole? At the same time the feeling as if we are constantly being pressed, will also vanish.


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