The truth behind the Indian Palm Leaf Manuscripts

The Indian Palm Leafs are ancient Manuscripts that were written thousands of years ago by sages; so- called Maharishis to people living today.  As unbelievable as it may seem, they actually contain specific information of our past, present and future, our names, names of close relatives and partners, names of secret lovers and even our thoughts and plans. They were written to provide helpful guidance in every field of life and to help experience our life on a much healthier and happier level than we normally would. 

I first heard about the Palm Leafs about five years ago. I found the idea of their existence very interesting, but to be honest; at first I was quite sceptical. –I mean who wouldn’t be!? - Until that time my mindset and my beliefs were based on facts and “Universal laws” that I have been taught throughout my life. The fact of ancient manuscripts that contain guidance and the future lives of specific people wasn’t something I could easily wrap my head around.
I started doing research and I watched a lot of Palm Leaf readings, I talked to people who had their Palm Leafs read and I digged as deep as I possibly could until I got a better insight and a deeper understanding of their true nature.  By that time I was amused by their existence and after experiencing the genuine truth within them I finally decided to get my own personal Palm Leaf read.


Astrological prediction for June, 2014

One of the longest and most dominant effects during this month was already established between April 10th and will be going on until June 28th. It will give us a slight obstruction in terms of Relationship, sexuality and the comfort of our lives. It can create a bumpy evolution for newly-started Relationships, and those already existing need to focus on stuck energies from the past that are needed in the present in order to live it to its fullest -- in the here and now. In general, we will try and try with things in our lives but the result or the sense of fulfillment may be delayed.
As I was compiling the planetary effects of June, I kept feeling as if it was a bonus-level of a computer game. It just doesn't fit into the normal flow of the game but is still connected to it somehow. As we go through it, we will gain a lot of experience that we will be able to utilize from July onwards. Life will trick us: our desires will be fullfilled during June. We get what we've been longing for since last November-December. Freedom, parties, enjoyment, and we get more than enough so that we will have a surplus of it. Be alert! You will be tricked! Still, our hunger is bigger now than our cautiousness, and we will leap into these joys. Likewise, Life will reach its goal: we get disenchanted with extremities. Full-closedness or introversion vs. full extroversion. Spirituality vs. Materialism. Together or Alone. Me or Us. We have been craving for things and when we get them we realize what they truly mean to us. For example, we want a love partner but subconsciously we are also trying to avoid it. But now that we've gotten one, we have to be "on top" in the relationship. Or we may have been wanting to move out of our family home, living with our parents, and now that we are finally able to do so, we have to take on a lot of responsibility like paying the rent or lease of this new place and really make an effort to establish our home for ourselves on our own.


Astrological prediction for May, 2014

During the month of May we will be seeing and experiencing the chains falling off us that have been there since last November. Week after week another restraining force will vanish, and as we proceed in time we can switch to higher and higher gears. First it will be bumpy and shaky, but just like riding a bike, we will get better and better on it and get back to the harmony that has been waiting to embrace us again.


Astrological prediction for April, 2014

The beginning of March has accelerated the energies that were stuck for the last few months during wintertime. After the long 'sleeping' process everything started evolving, we started to gain new ideas in our lives. New things also started to appear for us, but now we tend to look at them as if we were not the ones who had called for them. Suddenly everything we wished for is here.

From the end of March we will be feeling a force that is transforming and pushing us. It's like the birth process: we are being pushed and pulled. It's noisy. It's messy. We feel uncomfortable, yet at the same time we want to remain where we are but come out as well. At last we will be born, and initially we won't be able to handle our newly-gained strength. We will then receive ease and we will calm down. This will be the dynamics of April, and we have one and only one thing to do: let it happen. The rest will be taken care of by the Universe!


Why we ought to do spiritual exercises

In these current times it is of the utmost importance to clearly see and understand why it's necessary to do techniques that can help us heal and get to know our inner self. For most people, meditation, mantras and yoga are simply some kind of a foggy superstitions. A huge and sudden jolt seems to be needed in order to make us start doing them, especially for the very first time.
"The wise person learns from others' mischief." That's true. The really clever and smart ones don't wait until their life starts to decline, including physical and mental health, but by using other people's lives as an example, aim to keep their well-being at a good level. Most of us are interested in how we can bring out the best of our life; to answer that question we must say it has a lot to do with how we spend our spare time and energy.


Astrological prediction for March, 2014

YES! The time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. :D At last, Jupiter - also known as the Great Benefactor - starts moving forward! It has been going backwards since November 2013, which took away the feelings of faith, belief, goodness and progress from our lives. From March 6th, Jupiter will be giving positive and helping energies to support us, as if our rich uncle has arrived and unpacked his suitcase full of gifts for us!

March will be very intense in many ways. There will be lots of active fluxes everyday during the month, so we can easily forget about the times in December and January when we had that bad feeling as if we were stuck in one place. Things will definitely start moving this month.


About Relationships

On Valentine's Day, and especially due to the planetary effects of the last few weeks, everyone will be contemplating Relationships a bit. If you have one, that's why you're thinking about it, and if you don't have one, that's also why it's on your mind. The topic of Relationships is always the most sought-out: be it in an article; in a group; or at a seminar. This is the topic that moves the most people. It shows how significant Relationships are in our lives. I'd like to contribute this article for Valentine's Day. :)


Astrological prediction for February, 2014

The month of February will be a time of transition. From the middle of December we saw some energies make us turn inside, organize our things, and focus within. These energies 'pushed' our hidden and blocked energies from our subconscious to the external world, thus we have been experiencing a mixed state in our relationships since the beginning of January.
Since then, we have been feeling tense in every emotional aspect, and we see ourselves only experiencing the events, seemingly with no control. These patterns can be present during the first two weeks of February. Still, we will see this process calm down. So, try to carry on and remain in good spirits because soon everything will be fine again.

After that, from the middle of February, there will be a period of healing and redemption. The energy of the planets from December until the beginning of March has been preparing the stage for something truly grand. Namely, planet Mars will start going retrograde in Libra, and at last Jupiter starts proceeding in Cancer. It will be incredibly exciting, and what we see in our lives is in preparation for that. Sometimes it accompanies losses and hurts, but it is not going to be in vain!



If we want to do a prediction for any long term period, the best and most useful way is to check the position of the so-called 'slow planets'. These planets are the ones in our solar system that stay for at least a year in the zodiac sign. The sign provides the 'home' for the effects while the planet brings its dynamic energies to make it into reality. If we examine them both, we can easily predict the nature of the forthcoming periods.
In the last few weeks many people asked me to make their prediction for 2014. In every case we could see that this year is going to provide huge changes, rearrangements and it will help us set our goals; basically it will have a positive edge. For almost everyone, the last 3-5 years were full of insecurities and losses. The year 2014 will be the period when these energies and happenings calm down, start to take shape and build up our lives so that from 2015 we will be fully able to enjoy the new results and accomplishments!


Astrological prediction for January, 2014

The month of January will feel as if we’re about to enter a swimming pool. We are really excited to dive in, but as water touches our feet, we stop. We take a short rest, and then take a few steps. The water reaches the level of our belly, and we stop. Then we proceed. It reaches our neck, and we stop. Then we start swimming without any problem; in this case the swimming pool is our life.

Such stopping and starting energies will be active throughout January. It’s going to be a nice month, basically stable, but there will be days when we really need to be attentive because of some very span fluxes. If we are going to be patient, and don’t force things; not want them sooner than we are ready for them and just wait for them to become ‘ripe’, then everything will be fine.


Palm Leaves II

In this article, I’d like to focus on the Palm Leaves from a more personal point of view and share our story: mine and Vera’s. From the moment we encountered Palm Leaves for the first time and had our respective Readings done we have been experiencing such an exciting, fantastic and interesting period. What the Palm Leaves predicted for the both of us manifested in our lives with no exception and this is why I feel strongly that our story needs to be shared. You will be able to get a real sense of the Palm Leaves’ authenticity and how much they can help and give support in one’s life.


Palm Leaves

The Palm Leaves were written around 2000 years ago by seven ancient sages, known as the ’Maharishis’. ’Maha’ means “great” and ’rishi’ means “saint”. This group is also known as ’Saptarishis’; ’sapta’ meaning “seven”. Anyone who wishes to research them on the internet can find pictures and stories about them. The Palm Leaves exist and they are authentic. We, personally, saw them and held some of them in India and we were lucky to witness with our own eyes, the whole process of finding them and reading them.


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