Vedic Astrology Reading

Before we depart on any trip we all need a good map to successfully reach our destination. Such a 'map' exists for our lives, and if we know it well, we can easily understand all the major aspects of it, both internally and externally. If we do the analysis of our natal chart, we get a precise picture of the following:

- the relationship between our parents and its effects on our
   present life

- the impact our childhood had in shaping our current personality

- our patterns in relationships: why, how, and what kind of
  a partner we choose, how we shape our relationship(s)

- how and to whom we get married, when and what kind of
  turning points we can expect in our marriage

- the most controversial areas of our life, and how we can emerge from it

- the most fitting profession for us, and what we have to do to be successful at it

- which organs, parts of our body we need to pay attention to
  and what is necessary for us to stay healthy

- which main karmic archetypes had been repeating in our past
  lives, what we have to learn and do to solve these problems

- what helps us to solve our present life's lesson and
  what hinders us

- which planets effect this period in our lives, and what
  we have to do to bring out the best in our lives

We provide you with recorded audio of the entire analysis, so it can be reviewed at any time.

The cost of the Vedic Astrology Reading is $130 (CAD)
Each astrology reading takes about 45 minutes

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